The Happyish Homestead

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Apparently, I’m highly motivated by guilt,

and a delusion that I’m more popular and interesting than I really am.

I received this from my sister the other day:

“So I have been stalking your blog about a week now because my life is so mundane that I have to derive entertainment out of your daily activities. And do you know how disappointing it is to see that the occurrence of new updates have been far and few in between. I know you have a busy life with like 6 kids...just joking, 5 kids...and a husband, but come on. Please just update like every other day - I don' think that is too much to ask.
Your loving sister”

So, here I am.

Writing a blog post.

For a sister.

Who could call.




The past few weeks have been a KHP {Katie Humbling Project}.

I was getting super kind of tired of the endless:

floors to sweep,

dishes to wash,

meals to prepare,

kids to bathe,

chickens to feed,

phone calls to make,

toys to pick up,

books to read,

furniture to dust,

beds to make,

laundry to sort, wash, and then fold,

diapers to change,

arguments to resolve,

Elizabeth informing me my rolls weren’t homemade because I had used the bread machine to make the dough,

{Are you kidding me right now?  I went out, into my backyard, to the chicken coop, that Bryce and I built, with our bare hands, and got a free-range egg, from a chicken I raised in my kitchen, ohmygoodness: white, hot, fury.}

and groceries to purchase….you get the idea.

I’m sure we all have days, weeks, months, or moments that are like that.

{Where is the pomp and circumstance, I ask you?}

In conclusion, I was feeling pretty bad for myself.

And then I got sick.

Really sick.

Like crying at the dinner table sick.

Super awkward.

For a good couple of days.


I’m all better.

{Thanks for asking.}

And it turns out, my life doesn’t stink.

Not one little bit.

Nothing like being at death’s door to remind me of that.

{Which sounds like an exaggeration, but let me assure you, I NEVER exaggerate.}

Plus, I’m pretty sure while Bryce was playing Mr. Mom, it was brought to his remembrance how awesome I am.



Monday, January 13, 2014

Post #364

I feel bad for this post.

It’ll just be an accumulation of the past four weeks of my life.

Probably with some bullets.

And some terrible photos.

That even editing won’t improve.

And random details.

Maybe an exclamation point to try and convince myself that last week didn’t entirely kick my bum.

Although, it did.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing Bryce got me some hot chocolate mix.

From Costco.

I think I have like 3# of it.

Maybe only 2# after last week…?

Does it really matter?

Let’s go with ‘no’.

{That’s what people say who’ve drowned their sorrows in liquid chocolate.}

We’re not dwelling.

Bennett ready for church.


And at the breakfast table.


And showing off his ‘healthy’ legs.


And in new pjs and his own sock monkey.


We bought this tractor for Spencer from a yard sale last summer and Adeline bought him a riot police helmet.


And I sold him on his turtle shell after I demonstrated that he could slide his sword behind his back.

And, yes, he has a black eye.  Due to a combination of a table, stool, slippery socks, and an open dishwasher, all while my back was turned. (!)








And the monkeys, with their stuffed animals.

Don’t worry, I know that sounded lame.

{I’m not that far gone…}


During the Christmas break we: {see? bullets as promised….}

  • caroled to our neighbors.
  • made and decorated sugar cookies.
  • stayed at a local hotel with a 25ft water slide for New Year’s Eve.
  • organized toys.
  • went clearance clothes shopping.
  • had a nacho party.
  • did a family talent show which included but was not limited to: re-appearing ornaments, pulling a bunny out of a box, piano pieces, a choreographed dance number by Bryce and myself, the re-telling of the Christmas story with puppets, and according to Meg an ‘un-disappearing’ marker.
  • watched the talent show over and over again.  (Thanks modern technology, proving I really have no rhythm.)
  • saw Frozen.
  • found Frozen soundtrack.
  • sang with and fought over Frozen soundtrack.
  • threatened to take away Frozen soundtrack.
  • got my haircut.
  • built 10 additional raised garden beds.

And now it’s January and a new year.

And I’m convinced I would be way better at goal setting and keeping if January landed some time in the summer, when it’s warm and sunny.


Out of curiosity, who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?