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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Improving the Laundry Room

Ah, the new year.

The time of year where I want to:

save money,

spend money,




finish up projects,

start new ones,

move to a new house,

work on my old one,

stop watching so much TV,

find a new series,

leave the house more,

and stay home more.

It’s a complicated time for me, even if it’s one of my favorites.


One of the things I wanted to do was work on the laundry room.

{Which may or may not have included hand washing some shirts that had been sitting in there for four months…}

I go back in forth in my life.

I want to be a minimalist.

I really do.

I’m just not.

I think I like too many things.

Part of me really loves these before pictures where you can see the yellow plank walls and chunky molding around the windows.


And you can see almost the whole wall of exposed brick.

{Which is now partially hidden by a box of outside toys and an umbrella stroller.}



But I also really love this.


I get to showcase some of the things I really love.

And that I wasn’t going to get rid of anyway and were just sitting in my basement.


But it definitely looks more cluttered.


Even if it is organized.




What do you love about the new year?  Are you a minimalist or not?  {What’s the opposite of a minimalist anyway?  I mean, besides a hoarder?}



And, Meg has been drawing pictures of me.

With some loose interpretations as to how my body really looks…..



  1. I think I'm a lot like you....not a hoarder but not a minimalist for sure! I like organizing in January but unfortunately that slips away too soon!

  2. I really like the laundry room with the additions. Much more cozy looking (and cozy is super important in a laundry room, since you spend so much time in there). Also, the stuff you added on the walls and shelves could easily be used to hide shirts that need hand washing that you don't want to look at for four months. : )


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