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Monday, September 21, 2015

Not A Model

or a model like life.

But I try.

I saw this outfit in my Pinterest trolling.

and thought I’d sew it up and replicate the modeling:


I know!

We’re like twins separated at birth.

Except I already have a twin….

and this isn’t her.


It was fun and Bryce humored me.

And Adeline kept asking if I was posting this on craigslist.

And Elizabeth’s like, of course she’s not, why would Mom want to sell herself?

It’s a charmed life I tell you.



  1. I kept flipping back and forth between pictures confused at who was who. šŸ˜€

    Honestly. That Bryce is one lucky dude. Your version is beautiful and you wear it well. And obviously you have a hidden talent for posing. Your hair cut makes me want to chop mine off only I know I would just look like my dad ...if my dad had hair.

  2. Umm, please be my neighbor and make me clothes. In exchange I will handle all the photography of your amazing model poses, as well as any Craigslist posting you need done.


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