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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I stumbled upon this article today.

I connected with it because that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately.

{Obviously much less eloquent inside my own head.}

Which is partly why I haven’t been posting.

Sometimes my life is really just filled with runny noses, messy refridgerators, stay-at-home dates, sewing projects that don’t work out, craft ideas that are never realized, trips to the discount bread store, and running mutliple loads in the dishwasher.

Bryce and I were talking the other day and he asked me how I would like to be remembered.

I went to a funeral of a relative I had never met, one of my mom’s aunts? almost twelve years ago now.

And I left there wanting to be remembered like her.

She was loud, loving, hard working, and content.

She lived her whole life in small town Idaho but was reverenced after she passed by her family.

{As a side note, it wouldn’t hurt if I was also remembered for my fried chicken….}

So, here’s to mediocrity:


I made this dress and leggings for Libby.

I pretty much love that pom poms are a thing now.






A couple of years ago we bought a breed of chickens that are broody so that we could give them baby chicks to raise.

You know, instead of a saw dust filled galvanized bucket with a heat lamp and a brood of baby chickens underneath our kitchen table.

It is so, so fun seeing a baby and a mama interact.

This is a Cochin with a Buff Orpington baby.

I’ve ordered ten other chicks for later this week and I have another mama Cochin brooding to give them to.






Hope your March is off to a great start,


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