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Monday, July 18, 2016

I’m Pretty Sure

the free summer meal program is for moms.

With six kids.

Who stay home.

Day in and day out.

Who labor all day washing, hanging and sorting laundry,

feeding chickens,

watering yards,

growing gardens,

picking up the house,

and picking up the house some more,

planning friend get-togethers

watching their children’s endless ‘tricks’ on the trampoline,

carting kids to and from the park,

planning bike rides

and trips to the library.

And then the mom spends an hour making a homemade meal of Chinese food,

all set up to sit outside under a homemade arbor full on Concord grapes

eating on tables made for the mom

gazing out on green grass and free range chickens.

And when these said children go to sit down to eat, plates bare because apparently no one really likes beef, noodles and Napa cabbage with egg rolls, and they wonder if they HAVE to eat it and one pipes up and says:

“Ahem! Where’s my water!?”

the mom will probably refuse to cook for these children and they can ride their sorry behinds to the closest school for the free lunch and breakfast, because there’s no food coming from this kitchen today.

So, thanks to all of you who pay taxes that support this program so my entitled children won’t starve when I go on strike for a couple of days.

{They may be acting a little ungrateful because we just got done reunion-ing with Bryce’s family and they didn’t have to do a lick of work other than rinsing sand out of their bums.}


Another covered bridge in the books.

Drift Creek 1914




Toes in the sand and blackberries in the hand….

Is summer over yet?














See that mist?

It’s sand.

Windy as all get out that day.


Traveling home with an Oregon sunset.


Adeline turned nine and got her very own….toaster oven!



Guys, you should plant some sunflowers, they’re stupid easy to grow and you don’t even have to replant them,

they just keep coming back,

like kids after you’ve tucked them in….


And some backyard s’more-ing.

Please note the absence of a Libby picture eating a s’more.

She’s one.

So, there’s that.










Remember that one time I documented my outfits and I’m like,

see, this is me at 8 in the morning and I looked above average?

This is a rare sighting of me at 7 pm on a Monday.

You’re welcome.




Hope your summer is going well.

Feel free to drop a line or a comment!


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  1. Let us know how the strike goes...personally, I think it's a great idea and your dinner sounded wonderful to me! Kids sometimes get home cooking confused with eating out at a restaurant....hmmm. I'm glad you aren't a short order cook...I wasn't either. We always had two choices (take it or leave it).

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for ya


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