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Friday, December 16, 2011

Magazine Tree

Do you ever have those weeks you feel like you get absolutely nothing accomplished, wonder how you ever got anything accomplished before and wonder if you'll ever get anything accomplished ever again?

Life just seems too overwhelming?

Me too.

Here's the small project that I got done this week that I'm not even that impressed with.

It's made from an old magazine and it's just folded.

Martha Stewart had them on her website.

They had spray painted theirs and put glitter on them.

They were going to sell them at a bazaar for $20 each.?

Sometimes I wonder who those people out there are who can afford to spend $20 on a conical shaped magazine.

Just so you know, those people are not me.



  1. Those are some great pictures. Clearly though, you need to work on your fliexibility and I need to work OFF my double chin :)

  2. Magazine trees are back!!We did those when i was a kid with readers digest magazines. Next will be foil trees with a light wheel to make it change colors! We would practice our folding on the hymn books at church and that would always get us in trouble.


  3. I love the family guys have hardly changed at all. And the tree is very cute. At least you take the time to try to make cute things out of old magazines. I'd probably just cut the words out of mine for a collage or something.


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