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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


What I've learned:

  • if you go cut down your own Christmas tree, what you save in money will be used up with patience.

  • people who get lost in the woods do not have a inappropriately dressed four year old crying about being cold holding on to your coat as you slip down the frost covered mountain.

  • promises of cold, stale crackers waiting in the car are a big enticement to keep the kids from whining.

  • decorated and lit trees safely secured in a tree stand can tip over.

  • lights that you got from your husband's grandparent's basement eight years ago will eventually burn out.

  • Fred Meyer has a great selection of Christmas tree lights.

  • a baby cannot discern the difference between a tree ornament and a real ball.

  • if you hear the tree tip over and a baby crying, you will conclude that the tree fell on the baby.

  • a baby can cry with out having a Christmas tree fall on him.

  • if you have an advent calendar, children who are supposed to be taking a nap, ahem, can sneak the peanut butter M & M's.

  • they cannot really deny this when you catch them with blue lips or when you hear one drop on the floor and roll down the stairs.

  • a surprise date planned by your husband where you go out and come back and the kids are all in bed, is a great remedy to a lot of things.

  • Christmas is my favorite time of year.


Please note: while there are no pictures of me, we can all assume that I looked awesome.


  1. Sounds like quite the event--wish we could've been there "_

  2. Who's not a sucker for cold, stale crackers??

  3. So did the tree really fall on Spencer?!?!?!

  4. We cut our tree every year and every year, I love being out in the Cold and snow, looking for the "perfect tree." This time G. cried for the whole two hours he was in his snowsuit. Needless to stay I didn't love it as much this year. Next year cutting down the tree will be by invitation only. Those who cry, WILL NOT be invited!


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