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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pantry Doors

I stenciled the pantry doors while Bryce was gone a while back....

Let's just say I'm glad that I didn't decide to do an entire wall....stenciling, while inexpensive, takes (said like the kid says it on Sandlot).

This weekend we're planning to go chop down our own tree (Welcome to Oregon) and get some of the house decorated for Christmas.

Meanwhile, I'll be bagging meellions of leaves.

Hate bagging leaves.


P.S. Spencer is learning how to crawl!


  1. LOVE them! Super cute. I don't know if I'd have the patience for it, but the end product is sure nice. Yay for Spencer! We decorated the day after Thanksgiving and got our tree at Home Depot (welcome to A Town) :)

  2. Sorry we didn't help with the leaves. :(

  3. Nice one you did a great job of doing pantry doors, keep it up of being creative!

  4. Keep up the great work, the complete makeover is simply nice and in a lot of larger detail. Cool work.pantry doors


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