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Monday, November 7, 2011

I Have A Situation

I'm dumber today then I was last week.

Because I read a book.

Worst book I've eve.r read.

Not even kidding.

It was lent to me by a friend, because we 'have similar tastes in books'.

That is a lie.

Bryce asked me how I liked the book.

I told him it wasn't a book.

It's not even literature.

Books are supposed to broaden your views, increase your horizons.

This is not a real book.

I want those hours back.

After I finished the notrealbook, I looked at the back and read the author description.

She enjoys ventriloquism.

I should have seen that one coming.

Bryce has banned me from reading Daphne Du Maurier who is a real author and writes real books because it's making me a snob about books.

Not true.

It just better equips me for weeding out the not real books.

The problem?

This 'friend' just lent me another book by the same author, in THE SAME SERIES.

Yup, I have a situation.


*the author, title, and friend's name have been omitted to protect the innocent.


  1. Lol. At least I know I'm not THAT friend. :) Just do what I do: tell your friend you're too busy right now to read that book. Just leave out the fact that you'll ALWAYS be too busy for that book. Seriously, I do it all the time. Just ask the ladies in book club. Oh, I mean... Uh... I REALLY am too busy to read some of those...

  2. I'm glad to know that I'm not currently lending you any books :)

  3. just so you know it is okay for you and a friend NOT to like the same books.

    give it back and tell her (a) it is crap or (b) you have other things you want to read right will ask her for it when you are ready for it.

    There Angela fixed it.

  4. I am DYING to know the name of the notrealbook and the non-author. It is really a public will keep me from checking it out and wasting my hours, too. :)

    find a way to let me know!
    ps...i love the wall and the cupboard! you are so handy!

  5. I hate that feeling. I read a book like that recently that I'd picked up at a relief society "I don't want it, you can have it" recycling program. I hate turning down free books. I thought it was horrid and then about a month later a friend (not anyone you know so don't worry) posted about how wonderful it was on her blog. Makes you wonder. I too am curious so I don't ever waste my time. If you don't tell me I may have to read about each author to make sure they're not into ventriloquism before I read their books just in case. (I mean really, who likes ventriloquism??)


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