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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ladder Up!

Lame, I know.

I bought this huge ladder from an estate sale. Old, wood, paint chippy. $5. Really, it's the ladder that just keeps giving. I still have two substantial pieces left (6ft. +) to figure out what to do with, even after we cut it down to size to fit the room.

Before, lamp compliments of Target. Thomas O'Brien. $17.25. Love it. I HAD to buy it people, our old one died. Promise.

Old postcards from Bryce's side of the family.

It says 'Give Thanks'.

Since building the wall in the mud room area, I moved all of our coats and shoes that used to hang out in the front part of the house to the back part, which calls for a little re-arranging.

Bryce's ingenious idea to use the ladder as a coat rack using S hooks, which we picked up from IKEA.

Some Laurel branches. Bet you don't recognize the chairs...that's because my mother-in-law did a thorough scrubbing of them while she was here, as well as one the stove that had been hammered by months of canning.

This is what Spencer's hair looks like after a bath.

Meg is Spencer's favorite sister by far....kind of worried about my sanity with that one....

Bryce is going to be out of town again {boo} this week for three days so I hope to get some sewing projects done.

Somehow I deleted the picture of Adeline in curlers, I'll make it up to her next post.



  1. I thought you'd like that idea! You probably already thought of it yourself or had seen it, but it made me think of you :) I like the coat hanging idea. Cute kids in curlers and I sure wish I could meet that little Spencer--what a smiley boy! :)

  2. love the ladder and MY green chair. :)


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