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Friday, February 1, 2013

An Executive Decision

I have decided to award the quilt to:

Elizabeth & Matthew

who said:

On a side note, this quilt instantly made me think of my cousin's family. My cousin's little boy passed away almost a year ago just before his second birthday. Pinwheels is what they/we remember him by. Do I get more entries for having a touching story and a family that would LOVE to cuddle up in your blanket and think of sweet little Lincoln???? If you're up for a cry, you can read the blog dedicated to him

I’m sure she promises to make sure this family receives the quilt.

Hope the rest of you don’t mind.

But don’t think every sob story is going to get you something….=)

To make it fair, I’ll host another giveaway sometime this month, a collection of fabric fat quarters, and swear to keep it random….

Thanks for all who entered.

Elizabeth, email me the preferred address so I can get it in the mail:

Also, Christian Bale is my celebrity crush.  It’s a good thing no one picked him, they would have been automatically disqualified.

One thing more Benedict Cumberbatch (had to google it) plays Sherlock Holmes on the PBS series which is awesome.



  1. warmed my heart....and made it hurt all at the same time.

    Good call Katie.

  2. Touching and perfect decision!

  3. It doesn't feel at all like "losing" this way. Clearly this boy's family has a much greater need of this than I do.

  4. ....Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

    Just wanted you to know. Great executive decision.


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