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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Stenciled Wall

I’ve been wanting to do something to this wall for a while.

My first idea was stripes.

But then I remembered I love stencils.

Ever since the 8th grade.

I wanted to do the green ivy stencil as a border in my kitchen when I got older.

It was the 90s.

In 8th grade I was also convinced that I wouldn’t get married till I was 30 and that I was bound to meet that special someone at a pet store where we had both coincidentally taken our dogs to buy some food.


I also had a crush on Boyd Law in 8th grade.

We should just be thankful I was wrong about all those great ideas.





I really like this for this type of wall.  It’s really graphic so I don’t have to do a ton to the space, which I’ve always struggled with decorating but small enough area it didn’t take ages to do.



The Details:

I made my own stencil.

I had a plastic template sheet on hand.

I Googled quilting designs and found one I liked.

Printed it out.

Traced it on the plastic sheet.

Then used an x-acto knife to cut it out. (I put it on my cutting mat.)

I bought paint in a color two shades darker than my wall and in a different finish. 

My wall is semi-gloss and the stencil is matte.

This wall took about two hours.

Last night.

Not including an intermission of Project Runway.

And a brief pause when Meg fell out of her bed.

Some tips:

Try your template out on a large piece of paper.

This is a really good idea.  I was originally going to do my stencil square but decided to do it on the diagonal after trying it out.

Buy good painters tape to hold your stencil in place.

I used a small foam roller.

Don’t put a ton of paint on it.  It will drip and make the edges of the stencil rough.


Hope you have fun plans for the weekend,



  1. Oooooo! I love it! Super cute. You rock. When I have a house someday....far, far away from now, you can come and help me decorate, k?

  2. Why are you so awesome? I love it!

    By the way, I am glad you watch Project Runway. It validates what I have been labeling a guilty pleasure.

  3. is amazing I think you should make a trip to Boise and do it in my are a genius...just sayin'.

  4. Ahhh. Boyd Law. Do you remember our "pages" from 8th grade? Where we wrote our crushes name all over the paper....wait maybe that was just me. I do remember how in love you were with him though. hee hee

    I LOVE the wall. I have been wanting to do the wall in my bedroom...this makes me want to even more.

  5. I love it! I need one, somewhere in my house. Perhaps I can remedy some of the nasty going on in my playroom by coming up with an awesome stencil to use...

    Also, for the record, Project Runway is not a guilty pleasure. Sewing is a legit skill to have and I just KNOW I am learning stuff when I watch it.

  6. LOVE IT! How did you do the edges where the stencil overlaps with the border?

  7. Well you make it look easy, but I'm still pretty convinced many tears would be involved if I tried it...

  8. That was the perfect way to go on your wall. It looks great. You should be proud. You also should have taken my dog home with you tonight and solved both my problem and what we all now know is your life-long dream of dog-ownership. It was a sad night tonight. The dog loves Heidi and I couldn't bring myself to do it so Ben is taking the dog now. I'm sad.

  9. That looks awesome!! I hope someday I can have my own house to use some of your great ideas on :)

  10. Oh my gosh...this looks so amazing! I totally love it! Way to go!


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