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Monday, October 7, 2013

A Series of Letters, Part ?:

Dear Bennett:

You are a big baby, my friend.

But don’t let your weight define you,

it’s just a number.

You’re so much more than that.

Also, can I just say, I love you but I’m so glad that first week is over?


Dear Self:

No matter how cute the subject matter….

you’re still a terrible photographer.


Dear Elementary School:

I’m counting it as a blessing {as we all should} that crazy hair day coincided with bringing home a new baby.

Thank you.


{Elizabeth playing the piano to calm a fussy Bennett.}







You’re super fun, but mostly crazy.


Dear Fairies:

You missed out on a really nice fairy house.

Your loss.




Dear Mom:

Thank you for coming to visit.

Please don’t ever leave.


Dear Andrew, my brother:

Thank you for coming to visit.

Please don’t ever leave.


Dear Bryce:

I’m still not entirely convinced that “you had no idea the neighbor was planning to bring meatloaf over” for dinner.

I’m sleep deprived, not dumb.


Dear Spencer:

Next time you have meatloaf, which will be never while you live at my house,

do not stuff four bites in your mouth and then spit it out.

It’s more than this girl can handle.


Dear Spandex:

So glad you’re in jeans…..

Seriously, best idea ever.


Post-partum bodies


  1. LOL, glad you survived thus far! He's a very handsome little boy and already has such a big smile!

  2. He is so cute with those round cheeks! Do you think he'll look more like Elizabeth? I can't believe I'm missing the first weeks of his life! Oooooh, if Bryce isn't working, you should come to Idaho for a while. Bryce can stay with the school age kiddos and you can bring the others with you...four less mouths to feed on your would be great...except for maybe the driving...

  3. Only 12 days!!!! Not that I'm counting.

    Bennett is fantastic! You are the best! (the rest of them are OK too, I suppose). I'm super impressed that you've taken pictures, uploaded them and posted them on your blog. All with a newborn, and 4 other children. So much better than some people I know...

  4. If you'd just planned properly you could have pretended to have a total emotional meltdown as soon as you saw the meatloaf come through the door and chucked it out the window or something... Everyone would totally understand because you just gave birth and the hormones take a while to settle, right??? Maybe it's a good thing I'm done having children...


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