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Thursday, November 14, 2013

It Occurred to Me Today….

that I haven’t left the house for like, four days.


This is the consequence of unprotected {sex}, people.

You have been warned.



My friend, in no uncertain terms, dubbed my baby ‘large’.

I may be tired, but I know an insult when I hear one.

So I told her, her baby’s so fat he puts the bum in Bumbo.


I’ve been potty training Spencer.  And he has done pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Tonight he told me had to go potty, even though he had a diaper on for bedtime.

{I may have strained my shoulder patting myself on the back.}

He and Meg are still playing together nicely.  Sometimes they come up with fun games, like racing around the house pushing each other in the wagon.

Did I say fun?

I totally meant loud, obnoxious, dangerous, and life-threatening.


Adeline loves Bennett.

In this picture she’s singing to him.


I got one Christmas present made.

A turtle shell for Spencer.

Either my kids are not as smart as I think they are or it looks nothing like a turtle shell,

because when I tried it on Meg and Spencer, they were completely oblivious to what it actually was.

Like, not even the slightest idea.

At least Spencer will be surprised??



And a quick note about Elizabeth, she’s in a community choir and she auditioned for and got a solo part for a performance!

Who knew? {Not anyone that’s ever heard me sing before, that’s for sure.}

Have a good weekend,


P.S. Feel free to leave ‘your baby’s so fat’ lines in the comments.  I may have a giveaway for the best one.  {If you’re not offended by the concept, that is.}


  1. Your baby's calves are as fat as Shauna's calves are……will that get me a prize??? Her calves aren't really fat (at least I don't think they are) but I owed her one. Love Beyonce.

  2. Dang, girl, yo' baby's Phat! -

    Hannah, my biggest baby lost her little hair bow that the nurses at the hospital glued into hair when we was a few days old. I was sad because i'd wanted to save it for her baby book, so image my surprise when I found it the next day while giving her bath, it was safely hidden in the folds of her neck roll. Rollie, poll-y...

  3. We saw my family last weekend and my niece said--semi-screaming, about my chunky monkey baby, "Oh his cheeks are so big they look like they're going to explode!" Really....KABOOM!!! Your baby is adorable. Just love 'em while they're squishy and little like that...they only allow it for so long. ;)

  4. I love the bumbo comment! Best ever. Cute turtle shell! I will pin it now because I won't remember where to find it in your posts later!

  5. Yo baby so fat his stroller is a convertible VW bug. Too mean?

    1. Ps this is Andrea your cuz. Please don't read my blog that hasn't been touched in 5 years.

  6. I'm too tired to come up with big baby jokes.... And I'm out of practice since I have a short 7 year old and a chicken wing for a 3 year old. Got any short people jokes?

    That turtle shell is awesome. And totally identifiable. Despite their apparent lack of interest in it now, I'm sure once it's been given as a gift there will be fighting over it. What else do you have up your sleeve for Christmas gifts?!?

  7. This is actually your sister Christy and not mom. Joke one..... Yo baby is so fat, when he takes his first steps you’ll have to buy earthquake insurance! Joke two......He doesn't look like a three-month-old. He looks like he ate a three-month-old. I hope you enjoy that is all I have

  8. Here is another joke for you to enjoy......There was a guy from Texas that walked into the bar one day. His friends knew that his wife just had a baby, and they asked him to tell them about it. The Texas guy replied, "well, he weighed a whopping twenty pounds!" His friends all cried, "What!?"
    The next day the guy walks into the bar and the bartender says, "I hear that your baby weighed twenty pounds, how much does he weigh now?" The Texas guy said, "Ten pounds." "Now, I hear that babies lose a bit of weight after birth, but ten pounds? I don't believe it. How did that happen?" The Texas guy replies, "We had him circumcized."


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