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Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Have Learned

  • that even if I live in a state wherethesundon’tshine {no, but seriously, we won’t see the sun here for months in the winter} daylight savings still effects people.
  • that it was d-u-m-b to try to start potty training Spencer the week of daylight savings.
  • Meg and Spencer are the dream team to have at home.  Some mornings, it’s like I don’t even have to parent.  You know why?  Because they’re playing.  They’re not fighting, asking for treats, wanting to do a craft, begging to go to the store, or wondering when we’re going to have friends over.
  • that just because your husband orders something from Dr. Adorable, that doesn’t mean it’s a gift for you.  It’s probably just liquid seaweed for the fruit trees.
  • some days are easier than other days.
  • eight year olds can throw tantrums.  Throwing pillows, sobbing on the couch, stomping around, slamming doors kind of tantrums.
  • that I don’t get paid enough to field those kind of tantrums.
  • that Adeline just adds an ‘e’ to the end of a word if she doesn’t think it looks right without one or just because.
  • that Meg will take payment in chicken feathers for helping Adeline clean out her chicken coop. 
  • apparently I’m over zealous in my reward system for Meg and will now be resorting to chicken feathers.
  • Spencer can whack Bennett on the head with a toy broom, while I’m in the same room, just feet away.
  • I feel like the world’s worst mother when those type of shenanigans are taking place.
  • I am apt to eat two pieces of candy every time I walk by the Halloween bowl.
  • that this house is pretty tiny when everyone’s home in the evening.
  • that this house is pretty big when I have to clean it.



{Spencer with his tractor watching Dad on his.}




{Bennett had on a Halloween outfit with a little Frankenstein on the bum.}



{What the kitchen looks like while I’m making dinner.}



  1. I just recently decided daylight savings is a dumb idea. It looks like you are raising kids more than making food, so you must be doing something right. Love it!

  2. I love to see that I'm not the only mom that puts their infant on the countertop or table! Brent tells me I'm crazy and irresponsible. It just makes so much more sense to have them close! Unfortunately, my 3 month old just started rolling over. All done. Enjoy!

  3. Is the guy's name really Dr. Adorable? I think I'd have that changed. :) Love all the pictures...hopefully we'll see you all in person soon!

  4. Gah! These pictures of your house make me miss being there already... Also, I'm super impressed that you have three of your children in the kitchen at the same time. I only have 2 kids and I try to keep both of them out of the kitchen as often as possible.

    Can we get a chick update?

  5. Love the family are doing great, of these days you will look back and wonder how you ever accomplished so much! Truly!

  6. Hehehe. Motherhood! Really, someone should have told us! Love the pics

  7. That is a really good family picture.


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