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Thursday, May 15, 2014

This Is Me Finally Getting Around to Posting…. {& A Giveaway}

But let’s be honest.

Spring is kicking my bum.

Which would be awesome if my gluteus maximus actually tightened up.

But it’s not.

There’s still a fair amount of jiggling going up and down the stairs.

True story.

It hit 95 degrees yesterday and I’m like, what the heck?

I’ve had enough time to barely get the absolute done leaving little remaining for anything ‘extra’.

What consists of absolute?


Putting Spencer in time out.

And meals.

Always meals….

The big to-do {and by big to-do I mean hours of manual labor from Bryce and myself, but mostly Bryce} has been the garden:

this what it looked like for the first couple of years.


And here it is today, mostly done.

Just needs more gravel in the paths and some rows of corn and fewer weeds.


We brought the doors with us when we moved from Colorado.

Which Bryce was not thrilled about.











It has a mini flower bed around the outside for cut flowers and marigolds.


It’s enormous and my favorite room in the house, well, until the weeds start up in full force.


Anyway, I did manage to stop at an estate sale a couple of Friday’s ago and picked up some vintage Radio News magazines from the 20s and 30s.

They were giving them away for free.

I like radio, in the sense that I almost never get to listen to it in the car and when I finally do it’s a song that I’ve never heard before, probably because I never listen to the radio….and so it cycles.

Moving on, I picked these up because I really liked the graphics on them and, again, they were free:


I dug out some frames that I got for Christmas two years ago.

Still had the ribbon and note and everything.

I’m pathetic.


I tore off the front pages, framed them and hung them on the ladder with S hooks.

I don’t love them there, but if we recap, it took me two years to do anything with the frames in the first place…so….


In addition to the radio magazines at the sale, I found this cute little book.


Which because of it’s vibrant pictures I thought would make a great paper bunting.


Like the one in the girl’s room:


So, if you made it to the end of the post, I’m giving you a chance to win the book bunting.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite picture book from when you were a kid.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday, May 19th.



  1. Your garden is, so, so awesome...I'm not just trying to make you feel's so cool.

    In other news, my favorite book is by P.D. Eastman called The Best Nest.

    I also love the framed pictures...just where they are...super fun. :)

  2. I'm going to try and win the bunting for my brother Sam who had a baby recently. Because let's face it. I have a lot of bunting in my boy's room so I'm not sure where I would put more but that would be super cute for my brother!!

    Favorite Book-Sneetches bc my grandma always read it to us and the Sleepy Time book that I would read to my sister at night. I'm still looking for that book. It isn't in print anymore and I need the one with the horse song in it.

  3. Can you come do my garden....the end

  4. Holy smokes... Your garden is AMAZING! I wish I could come see it in person. I have so many favorite books... But I guess I'd say Richard Scarry's What to people do all day!

  5. The garden turned out so nice...I am impressed and will one day stop by to see it for myself....great job! Your house and property just gets better and better!

  6. That is absolutely fantastic and amazing and I love it. I would want to love out there. So great! I'm still in denial about Disneyland. My favorite book was Swimmy when I was little or Moon Mouse. I still love both.

  7. Haha...that should say live.....

  8. I'm completely in awe of your incredible garden! We just put in a couple of tiny raised beds and some mounds for pumpkins and thought we were really fancy. You put us to shame!!! One of our favorites is Goodnight Moon!

  9. I should have seen your garden before I started mine. very lovely, so smart to put the baby swing right there. Anywho.. Now my garden boxes are in and I'm stuck without a fence, we did get some netting... thanks for the tip. Gavin is the only one who'd appreciate the super cute bunting and he just moved into a room with the 9 year old who is already too cool for superhero's, he calls himself a twid (tween/kid). The dork, who said he could grow up.
    But my favorite book was Caps for Sale.

  10. Your garden is good enough for the two of us. Thank goodness - there will be no garden from me in the near future but I feel like you're contributing enough for me until I get my stuff together.
    I can't for the life of me think of my favorite picture book... I keep coming up with chapter books (what a nerd!). I'm going to go with Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel - cute pictures and I remember reading it to my little brother, Pete, a bunch of times.

  11. My favorite book was and still is The Paper Bag Princess. I am a little in awe of your garden space. The swing is so fun!


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