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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

During the Month of June:

I bought a Chinese Checkers game at a garage sale and it has been a huge hit.

I know this because the kids fight about it constantly.

And marbles are everywhere.


Meg turned 5.


Elizabeth photo bombed one of her pictures.


Bryce’s family had a family reunion and we went to Crater Lake.

Where it was snowing.

In June.

The last week of June.

After we had driven an hour and half to get there.

In shorts.



We went to Emigrant Lake.




And we came home with sand in our bums.

Well, not my bum, but other people’s.

Mostly those under the age of nine.

Or maybe just Bennett’s….


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  1. Great pictures...I loved playing Chinese checkers at my Swedish grandparent's....I'm not sure I remember how to play them now but it's a good game.


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