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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I’m Really Terrible About Posting in the Summer

So here’s what you’ve missed:

Adeline turned 7 and wanted me to make her a quilt for her birthday.

With flannel.

In July.



Bennett discovered blackberries.

And loves them.

His bum?

Not so much.


My wild flowers in my garden are doing awesome so we’ve been able to enjoy some really pretty bouquets.


Elizabeth and Adeline play Legos every single day.


I bought this homemade rug at an estate sale.


Bryce bought this Antiques sign for me when he was out of town on business.

{He’s the best.}

He doesn’t love it here.

But I like it, I just think it needs something underneath.



I’ve been picking a lot of this stuff.

And freezing it so I can bottle it when it’s not so hot.

Which feels like never.


I also bought another kitchen scale at an estate sale.

Total number?

A lot.


I also finally got around to painting this project.

I had purchased the table in Colorado, about six years ago.

And hauled it around a couple of states.

Until I decided to do something with it.

So one day I sanded it.

And minutes later

it tipped over and one of the legs broke.

I have lots of other ironic projects, too.

I bought the chairs at a garage sale last year and just spray painted them with some left over cans.

It turned out pretty cute.


And I’ve also been doing a ton of this.


So, in conclusion, I’m busy but never seem to get anything accomplished.

Which, I’m pretty sure, makes me just like every other person out there.



  1. Lovely, just lovely... I posted a really long, probably boring comment about how I've done a horrible job keeping up with your blog and also how I picture you driving down the road in an El Camino with several crazy kids in the back... It makes me chuckle... Then after all the posting I had to sign into google to let it publish my comment, and erased it all in the process!

    Anyway, miss ya girl. If I wandered through your garden I'd steal peas too because I don't have any in my own yard. Weeds we have in bundles, but now that strawberry season is over there's nothing I can go eat out of my own yard...

  2. Well, summer days are supposed to be lazy, aren't they? But, with 5 kids, I'm sure you don't enjoy many lazy days....loved the pictures. Adelaine's quilt turned out really great. Bet you are pleased that it is what she wanted for her birthday. Your kids are the best....guess it's because they have great parents. :)

  3. Lazy? When all my children were at home, I didn't meet lazy until they moved out, and he's awesome! Love the quilt, the sign, the table and the blog as always.

  4. I love it all. I wish Elidh could come play Legos with your girls. They would have a lot of fun I think:)

  5. It's a good thing we're friends, otherwise I would read your blog and then come steal all your cute stuff while you aren't home. First to go, that cute table and chairs (which I assume has been repaired). Also, the bouquet from your dining table and that rug in the hallway upstairs. I'd recommend nailing your stuff down. : )

    I vote for a big bulletin board for kid drawings and school projects below the antique sign. I'll sound like a terrible mother when I say I don't really think kid drawings are the best thing in the world. But hung in a mass below a cute antiques sign? Yes.

    Blackberries are basically what makes it summer in the Pacific Northwest. Way to go for giving your children an idyllic childhood, even if they don't call it that!

    Legos are the best. Perhaps the most bang for your buck as far as toys go - my kids play with them A LOT. So much I'm willing to pay full retail price and wait 10-14 days while Amazon ships them across an ocean.


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