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Friday, February 20, 2015

Blankets for Baby #6

I’ve been sewing.


trying to sew.

And by trying I mean listening to the sweet sound of Bennett crying at my side.

The sound of my machine turning on is like a siren call for Bennett.

And he immediately feels the need to come over

and unplug my pedal and/or machine,

unwind my bobbins,

throw my fabric on the floor,

drool, slobber, or wipe his nose on the pants I’m trying to hem

or try to sit on my lap.

So, yeah,

go me.

Anyway, I did get three of these flannel blankets with mitered corners done.

And the bumper for the bassinet done up in a more feminine fabric.




This elephant one is my favorite.






For Valentine’s Day, Bryce and I drove out to one of the nearby covered bridges and had a picnic.

And then ate our weight in local ice cream at the general store on our way home.

I should say, the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day, because on the actual day we killed nine chickens in the morning and then roasted hot dogs with our five kids for dinner.

Super romantic….


Have a good weekend!


P.S. red and white checkered fabric or red fabric with white polka dots?


  1. I started locking Kai out of the room while I sew. Instead of screaming/knocking like a normal child, he obsessively slams his head against the door. I don't get much sewing done, just to make sure we're not risking permanent brain damage. :)
    Polka dots, because everything is better with polka dots.

  2. Love what you've done...especially the black and white retro. I also vote for the polka dot fabric. When Greg and Jeff were little I was making shirts that matched...well, trying to anyway. I actually did accomplish one set for all three boys and even have a picture to document it but I would get so frustrated trying to sew with little boys and their cars under my table that I just gave it up. I decided it was better to do that then scream at them or sew through my fingers. :( I applaud you for hanging in there.

  3. I love the blankets! And I vote for polka dots as well...because it is fun to say...and...well, they're awesome. :)


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