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Thursday, February 26, 2015

His and Her Rocking Chairs

One more thing off the to-do list.

My mother-in-law and I bought this chair….

you guessed it,

last summer.

I had always planned on reupholstering it, but if you’ve ever priced foam, it’s expensive.

It turns out, I had some extra stuff in my basement so I only needed to purchase new fabric, and with a 50% off coupon and only needing one yard, it was way more manageable than I had anticipated.

The trip went exactly like you might expect with two boys, the fabric store, not enough staff and an indecisive mother. 

But, we made it out alive and that’s what counts…

So here it is before.


And after.





Now Bryce and I each have our own cute rocking chair.

That we are never sitting in next to each other at the same time, because, well,

we have five kids.

But someday, someday.


And he brought me home flowers yesterday.

I know that not every girl likes flowers.

But I love them.

I love the indulgence, the thoughtfulness, the frivolity of what they represent.

Bryce and I have been married for almost 12 years.

We budget, we have retirement plans, we save for our children’s education, we have 21 fruit trees in our backyard and a massive garden.

We are responsible adults.

So, yes, I like to get flowers.

From a real flower shop picked up from my husband on the way home from work.

{Especially on a day where Bennett only napped for 45 min.}


Hope your week is going well,



  1. What?!? You have extra stuff in your basement and you're indecisive about picking fabric. It's like I don't even know you anymore.... : )

    Also, your budgeting reminds me that we aren't the only old married people around who make responsible, and sometimes boring, decisions about money. Solidarity!

  2. ah, you are living the dream! Do you think that if maybe if I actually could start saving for our children's education and plant some fruit trees Jotham would bring me home flowers more often. What a treat!


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