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Monday, March 9, 2015

My Son is the One….


That pulled the fire alarm.

At the YMCA.

Thursday morning.

At, like, 9 am.

Right during the senior citizen swim.

Oh, and also, the baby and parent swim.

In March.

Where all of the members were forced outside.

Even the ones in bathing suits, dripping wet.

And didn’t even have time to grab a towel.

For a fire drill when there was no fire.


my son pulled the fire alarm.

And if you didn’t happen to be at the YMCA that day,

there’s a good chance you might have heard it anyway.

Because the alarm?

It’s like an-escaped-con loud.

{Hopefully the senior citizens didn’t have their hearing aids on.}

Don’t you worry.

Even though we had a similar experience at Costco just a couple of months ago,

I was still completely and utterly mortified.

But I still love him.

Because I’m his mom.

And he does nice things like ‘smash that bad bug to pieces’.

And does a pretty good job of keeping his sisters in line.

But I’m not gonna lie, if he never sets off an alarm again, that would be awesome.

Happy Monday,



  1. But you blush so cute....I'm sure that's what he had in mind. :) While I'm sure this is much funnier to your devoted readers than you, it will be a wonderful story to embarrass him with in the me;
    you will get a lot of satisfaction from this. It's fun to watch grown sons wiggle when you tell things like this. :)

  2. Third times a charm, right? Maybe next time when he pulls the alarm at the library (bc that boy gets around town) there will actually be a real fire and he will be the town hero for saving all those senior citizens at the library. And, once again, every one will know about it bc he will be on the news and facebook.

  3. You are a trooper, my dear. I think spencer has earned one of those charming child leashes. ;)


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