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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Vintage Quilt for a New Baby

It’s Spring Break.

Bryce bought me a package of Double Stuf Oreos earlier this week.

It has helped a lot.

This year for Spring Break, I let each of the kids have a ‘day’.

They get to pick the breakfast, an outing that doesn’t cost money, and the shows they watch.

We’ve been to the library, the two pet stores – one of which has free popcorn {I may or may not know how to work the system}, and perused Toys R Us. 

We also used all of our free personal pan pizza coupons and had pizza for lunch two days in a row. 

Today, the kids each got to have a friend over to play and have a special lunch, which includes, wait for it…..root beer and chips.

Don’t you wish I was your mom?

And tomorrow we’re headed to the coast for the day.


I’ve managed to fit in a bit of sewing over the past couple of weeks.

{My current, temporary condition limits my desire capacity to do anything that doesn’t involve sitting or a glass of ice water.}

My friend passed along some vintage, hand sewn blocks.

So, with most of the work all ready done, I managed to assemble, hand quilt, and bind this little quilt for the new baby.




And this is Bennett.

Who spends most of his days following me around and mostly wet from playing outside.


And in this picture, destroying one of my tulips.

Happy Spring Break!



  1. The quilt turned out beautiful. Did I tell you that I finally finished Chance's quilt top and it's at Martha's getting stars on top...I can't wait to see it and am hoping to have the binding finished when we go up mid April. :) Now I'm looking for ideas for Mariah's quilt. That picture of Bennett is so cute. You came up with a lot of good things to do for spring how you and Bryce parent...makes so much sense and doesn't spoil kids...good job Bells. :)

  2. What a darling quilt! I love it. I wish my friends passed things like that along to me or that I was the cool friend that had things that were cool like that to pass along. I do wish you were my mom and let me plan fun days and pick my favorite lunches.....and have rootbeer and chips. yum!


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