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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day of the Duck

We have a duck or rather ducks.

Did you know this?

We started with one, Adeline bought herself one for a pet. 

But, it never imprinted on her because she lived with chickens.

So…now we know.

I find that ducks are one of those things that kinda multiply without one meaning to.

A couple of months ago, well, like January….how is it May already?!…I got a knock on my door.

The neighbor two houses down was wondering if we were missing our duck.

Turns out, they had a duck come into their yard,

Well, I said we could take it.

I walked down the street with a box in which to corral the duck.

Who, when I arrived, was sedately eating some lettuce and seemed to be quite domesticated.

Well after a couple of runs around the driveway,and some huffing and puffing on my part, that duck which appeared to be flightless….

flew off.

Funny enough, that afternoon when I was trolling Facebook I saw a picture of that duck.

Turns out, it had flown off into a subdivision and had landed in my friend’s backyard.

Well, ducks in subdivisions aren’t really the best idea, so now he/she, pretty sure it’s a he, calls our house home.

And a couple of weeks after that….

my friend called saying that she had picked up a pair of ducks from craigslist and they weren’t really gelling with the farm {red flag anyone?} and wondered if we would take them.


So, we drove over.

I neglected to tell my children that I had already agreed to take the ducks.

So they were pretty thrilled when I told them if they caught the ducks they could keep them.

Which they did, ecstatically.

Well, fast-forward to April and I’ve about had my fill of ducks.

Turns out in large groups they’re loud, obnoxious, greedy, messy, and somewhat bullies.

I told Bryce I was prepared to take them out to the forest to figure out where they sat in the grand food chain.

Of course, two days later, Bryce takes me back by the coops and we see this:



Guys, it’s like they got pregnant to save the relationship.

Real mature, girls.

So, we have two females and two males.

{I can tell you right now though, there is only one duck that is the dad.}


And the girls have been sharing the nest and take turns going to eat and sitting on it.

Most of the time you can find them both sitting there.

And now we have this:


So…a cautionary tale?


I really wanted today to be the day that I showed you the final bathroom.

But it’s not.

And sharing pictures of not complete before and afters seem to be met with some resistance.

But all the tile is laid, light fixtures installed, toilet is hooked up and now we’re just waiting for the tub and sink to be attached up and then it will be d.o.n.e.

Ya’ll are going to to want and come visit, plus, now we have ducklings!

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  1. Oh my what will you do with all those ducks/ducklings? I do want to drop by but will wait until the bathroom is in all it's glory...glad for you!


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