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Monday, October 18, 2010


Today marks my 100th post. In honor of such an occasion, I will post 100 things about myself. Just kidding. How boring would that be? Answer: terribly. I thought about doing a giveaway, of Adeline, yesterday. Today she is sitting quietly on the floor looking through an 'I Spy' book, with her hair in crooked looped pigtails looking like a little Swedish baby. Maybe I'll keep her.

If I were in charge of the world: a list.

  • It would be illegal for a mother to take her 8 year old son into the women's bathroom and he would be imprisoned for peeing all over the toilet seat and not flushing.

  • Garage sales would be all year long.

  • Blizzards at Dairy Queen would always be on sale for buy one get the second one for $.25.

  • Bags would fly free on any airline.

  • Dinsneyland Park ticket prices would be substantially lower.

  • People would be given a heavy fine for saying inappropriate things to pregnant women.

  • I would out law meatloaf as human food.

  • Baby showers would be given for every baby.

  • Kindergarten would be all day across the nation.

  • You would get a tax break for authoring a great blog.

  • Kids would be awarded for how many books they read, not how many points they scored.

  • Oreos would be fat free, but still taste deliciously fatty. We're talking double stuffed here.

  • Kool-aid could be purchase for $.10 a packet, just like in the good ol' days before child obesity issues.

What would you do?


P.S. The inspection went fine. The house is in remarkably good condition despite it's age and run of multiple homeowners. We will proceed as planned, meaning buying the house. Does this sound calm and collected? I hope so, never mind the fact that I've been losing sleep about all the home improvement, home decorating, money that will be spent, and happiness that I'm so looking forward to. Can you put a price tag on space? Yup, and it's substantially less than the asking price.


  1. Wahhoooo!!! It's beautiful. I'm super excited to see what you do with it. It looks like a very fun space to decorate. That's got to feel good (and a little nerve-wracking!) If I were in charge of the world, I would have unlimited time and funds for cooking and crafts, and be able to eat all the yummy food I want without gaining weight---especially post-baby and in the fall when all I want to do it EAT-and cook! :)

  2. Great list! If I were in charge of the world I would make the weather in October this beautiful all the time. The colors are changing, but it is still 65 degrees. I'll be sad when the cool air actually stays.

  3. If I were in charge I would make it so pregnant women don't get cold or the flu. And that when moms get sick their kids are angels until sickness has passed.

    Also I googled your "new" address and found this link :

    If this is your house I LOVE IT!

  4. so your telling me you would send your 8 year old son into a public restroom without an adult and hope and pray that some sick man doesn't bug or touch your son. Get over it. I will take my son into the womens bathrooms that has doors to keep privacy so that my son will be safe. Now the peeing and not flushing that can happen with sweet little girls as well.

  5. Meatloaf? Really? Unfortunately, I would lead a revolt against that regulation and in a remarkable coup, place the leader of the anti-canned spinach faction on the throne. On second thought, I would give on that one if you could guarantee the fat-free double-stuf Oreo that still tastes like the fatty Oreo.

  6. I have a buy on get one coupon for DQ Blizzards! (you know the cards they sell for fundraisers that you can use over and over again?!) Yup.

    I am slightly addicted to blizzards, and knowing that you are too makes me like you even more. DQ run next time you are here?

  7. Not using one's blinker while driving should be punishable by.....well I don't know but, something terrible!!

  8. Congrats on the house, Katie Jo! You will be a fabulous homeowner. I hope you will do some before and after pics and post them!


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