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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Good and the Bad

Good news: I will be doing a post today, obviously.
Bad news: It will be the only for the week.

Good news: Bryce will be in town this weekend.
Bad news: After next week he still has four more weeks of training. Bleh.

Good news: We made an offer on a house.
Bad news: It needs

Good news: We made this really low ball offer for the house and it was accepted.
Bad news: N/A

Good news: Adeline has not wet the bed for like four weeks.
Bad news: Meg will still need to be potty trained.

Good news: This house, was built in 1875.
Bad news: This house, was built in 1875.

Good news: Christmas is three months away.
Bad news: We still have three months till Christmas.

Good news: I have 57 followers.
Bad news: I did have 58. Please do not try to console me by saying insignificant things like: you probably don't want them to be your followers anyway, they're in a better place, it's only because they didn't win a quilt, etc.

Good news: I've read four books in the last five weeks.
Bad news: My children have been sorely neglected, if that's possible with cousins, toys, and grandma always around.

Good news: I had a great time in Idaho.
Bad news: I went horse back riding and don't think my bum will ever forgive me.

Good news: Harry and David have 2,000+ fans on Facebook
Bad news: I'm pretty sure none of that is a direct cause of my efforts.

Good news: I get to start looking at paint colors for the inside of the house.
Bad news: I will be the one doing a lot of painting.

Good news: One of my best friends from college sent me a Facebook message this week and had nothing but flattering exaggerations to say about me.
Bad news: I was lured into a false sense of security about how great I am. What goes up, must come down.

What's your good news?


Good news: I just did a spellcheck, and I had no misspellings. Go me.

If anyone is interested, I will find the link of the real estate listing for the house. We close the first part of November, assuming everything is not horrible with the inspection.

There's another site that had about nine pictures of it, but I was unable to find it. Remember to have lots of vision, lots and lots, when looking at the pictures.


  1. well congrats on the house but last I talked with you there were no prospects on the horizon. I guess I will just have to become a follower of the blog

  2. WOOP WOOP on the house. I would love to see it. so find the link! were in ID? I knew something felt different :) Now that I am in Kuna I won't even pass you in the hall at church when you visit. Bummer.

    My good news: I finally made chore charts for the kids.
    Bad new: now I have to follow through with it.

  3. yay! Please send a link. I'd love to see it. My good news is that I finished sewing all my quilt squares. The bad news is that I still have to cut them all and then finish the rest of the quilt! (that's not too bad :) We miss you. thanks for sharing all of your news--good and bad.

  4. I would love to see the link to your house. I love that you found an old house and that it is the BAD news and the GOOD news. I'm sure it is thrilling and scary for the question of what could go wrong??? EEK!

  5. Congrats on the house...and good luck. Just put the girls to work, that's what you have kids for right?
    GOOD: I got a job coaching basketball.
    BAD: I haven't played basketball for 9 years.

  6. Hey, you're back to 58!

    Congrats on the house!

  7. 1st bad news, you forgot a word. I didn't want the spell check to go to your head.

    Good News, I have another quilt on the frames
    Bad News, I still have 5 quilts to bind.

    thanks for the wonderful visit, and help with the quilts. It is kinda boring again at our house. Service auction is Tuesday, I'm so excited, the quilt top is no longer as ugly as I thought, having second thoughts about keeping it.

    Love Mom

  8. Good news: I didn't have to make the kindergarten pickup run today.

    Bad news: It's because I have sick boys. Adam puked ALL OVER me last night.

    And congrats on the house... Just do what I do with a fixer upper house... Remember you'll be there for a LONG time and don't have to fix everything in the first month.

  9. Hi Katie,

    I googled the address of your new house and found this website:

    it had more pictures....but then on the side bar were some DARLING houses also in medford in case yours falls through!

    good to see you last week.


  10. if you go to and type in your address there are more pics as well. Love the stair case that was that a selling point for you?

  11. I posted a comment on your blog yesterday, but I think I forgot to put in the "security" word and then got distracted and closed my it goes:

    the good: Tomorrow is Friday.
    the bad: We're taking 120 kids to the Discovery Center!

  12. I love built in shelves!! I ABSOLUTELY MISS that from my old house in Nampa...sniffle.

  13. The good news: I went back to school.
    The bad news: I think I am crazy.
    I'm glad you found a house! It's hard living with other people, even if they're family.

  14. Good news: You brought a house than needs a Katie makeover.
    Bad news: I am not there to see the finished product.

  15. Good news: Super Saturday is over and they released me yesterday!
    Bad News: I'm now in scouting...

    Okay, but I'm loving your house, it doesn't look that bad and over an acre of land! That would be a selling point for me! Good times ahead!


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