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Monday, October 25, 2010

In the Future

Remember that one time I was supposed to post on Friday and I didn't? Sorry about that. I had no idea what to post, so rather than post and tell you that I had no idea what to post, I just opted not to post.

If I weren't a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful children on the brink of buying a really cool old house that needs my love and attention and a wife to the husband I adore, I would be:

  • A truck driver. Never mind the fact that I don't know how to drive a stick despite the fact that three different male individuals have attempted to teach me how. Side note: has anyone seen that show about the truck drivers in Alaska? My first thought when I saw that show, maybe if the drivers are trying to traverse scary terrain on the final frontier with flammable material, they should not be distracted by narrating to a camera.

  • A commercial actress. You know, the commercials where they have a really crazy, irrelevant dance scene? That would be me.

  • Owner of a really cool quilt store.

  • The third in that show American Pickers. I just recently came upon it since entering the world of Dish. These two guys go around to different homes and climb through other people's junk looking for stuff to buy and re-sale. It sounds really lame now that I'm typing it out, but it's not, trust me.

  • A book critic. Or the person that writes pages of true but boring information at the beginning of timeless books that no one ever reads, unless you're an insomniac.

  • A college professor. I would probably be just an adjunct one since I have no interest what-so-ever in doing research and being published. And based on the adjunct teachers I had in college, I could be great.

  • A sleep expert. I would travel across the nation putting people's infants on a sleep schedule and charge by the hour. I don't have a plan yet what I would do with all the money, but all in good time.


P.S. If you care, I've been dreaming about paint colors.


  1. I have also thought about being a truck driver. However, once I realized that riding in a car for a long distance and actaully driving said vehicle are two very different things, I had to rethink the dream. It's just not as much fun to travel across the country when you can't read a book...or sleep. :)

  2. now you see the problem that you have with learning to drive a stick shift is the fact that you had three MALE drivers try to teach you how. You need to go out with me and I will teach you how to drive a stick. You will love it once you have it all down and to be honest it makes driving so much more fun.

  3. You know what job I'd like? I want to be the host of the show on The Travel Channel where they visit spas all over the world and the lady gets free massages and facials while sipping herbal tea. Shouldn't we all get paid to get massaged?

    BTW, I've always wanted to buy an old house and fix it up. My husband tells me to have a good time, he wants no part of it.

  4. Paint? I know an awesome color, Pirates Gold. Wait a minute...


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