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Thursday, December 6, 2012

So Far

We’re making sugar cookies.

In increments.

Because I have four kids.

And we’ve gotten five inches of rain in the past six days.

(Which also flooded a bit of our basement, apparently, if you have a new pump plugged into a bad outlet, it won’t work, and Christmas presents will get soaked.)

And they’re kind of bouncing off the walls.

So I’m stretching things out.



I made a fitted flannel sheet for Spencer’s bed.

I used my serger for the first time.

All by myself.

Then I high fived Bryce.

It’s like a real sheet.

Here’s the tutorial I followed.

I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.


Tonight I’m working on Spencer’s gift.

I’m making him a tent that goes on a card table.

I honestly have no clue if he’ll like it but I really have no idea what to else to make him.

Open to suggestions.



  1. What boy or girl for htat matter doesn't love a tent. He looks so big in that picture.

  2. My mom made me a card table tent when I was little. We LOVED it. She made a teepee for one of my brothers once, but it fell over too easily and was harder to set up frankly so the card table tent was king. I think my boys would love one, except in order for them to get one I'd actually have to sew and I'd have to buy a card table...


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