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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost Ready….

to think about starting to decorate for Christmas.

And I was going to….


But then it was 65 degrees outside and I had to go rake leaves.

Which doesn’t really put one in the mind to decorate for Christmas.

It does make one start to wonder about saving one’s money for next year to hire a landscaping company,

if only for the leaves

and encourages thoughts about a slow and painful premature


And Spencer has been needy.

Not in a hewantstocuddleandreadbooksandsleeplotsnadhe’ssocutekindofway

but more in a suck me dry kind of way.

And this morning I was contemplating the idea of telling my children that Santa believes that waking up cranky,

and crying,

and obnoxiously early

is grounds for present dismissal.

It is, isn’t it?

The good news is,

I’ve already submitted my Christmas list to Bryce:

new pantry interior

(mine is ghetto and ill planned and U.G.L.Y.)

and rubber work boots for the rainy season.

REI has some boots….

for $110.


I still love them.


on Saturday, we’re going to go cut down our Christmas trees.

We’re getting two! (four seems excessive, ahem)

I’m kind of thinking about getting someone to watch the kids, and just Bryce and I will go.


One would think,

(if life as like the movies and my children were angelic)

if that person hasn’t traipsed all over a muddy mountainside with four children wearing noncuttingdownchristmastreegear.

But I have

and a sitter is sounding pretty awesome.

And today I’m tired.

I go to a Zumba class.

Let’s just say that my hopes and dreams of having a dancing career are not even



I take comfort in knowing that I can always fall back on my ability to

rake leaves.

Have you decorated?

If you’re my real friend, you’ll lie and say ‘no’….

or you can come over and help me

or do it all

or take care of Spencer….



  1. no I haven't decorated, but have thought lots about it. We left the two youngest home when we went to cut down our tree. Best decision ever! I wanted to make a date out of tree hunting too, but the older kids complained and we told them they could come if they didn't cry. We had a nice time. Cutting down the tree is my favorite part of the season.

  2. I'm your real friend and I don't have to lie to say no about decorating. In fact, I'm UN-decorating EVERYTHING. I'll decorate (maybe) on the other end. Get the babysitter. I won't judge you one. single. bit.

  3. Babysitter? I vote yes. My rule is generally that I won't decorate until after Pearl Harbor Day. Yes, it's mostly laziness. I'm okay with that. I'm feeling the clingy kiddo... Want to trade clingy boys? I had to lock myself in my room this morning because I couldn't handle any more children on my lap. AND, Zumba... You're braver than I am to even attempt such movements in public.

  4. I'm a person that can't lie very easily so we'll just move on. Lizzie is sick today which means she isn't going to daycare and since I was really counting on this day for work I am pretty sure I am going to let her watch 18hrs of TV so I can grade the blasted papers that are hanging over my head and I was supposed to grade like 3 weeks ago because if I don't get them done in the next week I'm pretty sure the students will revolt. Just in case you're appalled, I would give myself a D for writing skills here. I was hoping the humor of it would help you not feel so bad about an undecorated house and a clingy son.

  5. It's my personal opinion that family memories created at the expense of your children needing therapy as adults aren't worth it. So, if you think there is any possibility that cutting down a Christmas tree is going to scar them for life, get a babysitter. Also, if you just don't want to take them, even if they might like it, get a babysitter.

    Also, four fakes trees is equal to two live trees. I think... I've never been that good at math.

  6. So my house is decorated, but my leaves have not been raked. Are we even? My leaves will likely never be raked, just mowed down eventually. And sure, send Spencer on over. I'm pretty sure the airlines wouldn't send him alone so you'd have to come visit with him. Win, win, right?

  7. Okay...I'm very late...but you shouldn't decorate until after my's a family rule...


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