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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I’ve been really lazy lately.

Lazy in the fact that I take a nap almost every week day.

Which also makes for a really lame blog.

I’m not pregnant.

Just lazy.

In all honesty, you can only be so lazy with:

1 husband

4 kids

15 chickens

3 ducks

30 raspberry plants

1.13 acres


3 meals a day.

But, this week, I’ve recommitted myself to productivity.

Do you mind if I share?

Yesterday I:

made two loaves of bread

cooked three meals

made one dessert

with the help of one Adeline

canned 14 quarts of grape juice (free concord grapes off of craigslist)


sorted, washed, dried, put away four loads of laundry

picked one basket of raspberries

collected four eggs

delivered a dozen eggs to the neighbor

watched three episodes of “Call The Midwife” (on which is so, so good) while I folded laundry

helped two kids with homework

and ate twenty eight pieces of Halloween candy.

In all fairness to myself, last week I canned 8 quarts of chunky applesauce from free apples,cut out the pieces for three stuffed animal Christmas gifts, sprayed weeds all over the property, and then….took a nap.

I’m hoping to get some painting done later in the week as the weather will be miserable so outside maintenance is limited.

What are you getting done?



  1. I'm lazy lately and I don't even have any naps to show for it. And thank you for contributing to my laziness by telling me about a new show. I watched two episodes today and didn't even fold any laundry while I did it.

  2. can you come to Boise and motivate me? please?

  3. Everyone's allowed to be lazy once in a while, especially when they're not pregnant. When you're pregnant it's not being lazy. It's just called "trying not to die from exhaustion because you're growing a whole new person" so it's a totally different thing.


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