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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Little Bit of Sunshine

I’ve had a couple of busy weeks.
I won’t bore you with the details.
A lot of it is raking millions of leaves from hundred year old oak and acorn trees.
And Spencer not feeling well with a double ear infection.
And planning a large church dinner for 100+ adults with a small budget.
{Apparently I’m a liar.}
Since I have awesome coping skills.
I bought some new boots
and decided to make a sign.
Here was my inspiration:

and this one:
and I tried this technique, which didn’t work at all for me:

So I just made it up.
I cut the wood with a jigsaw in my laundry room sink
painted it with the same color as my front door
found a font (allegrian)
supersized it (650)
printed it out
centered the paper on my wood
traced around it with a sharpie
which bled through to the wood
filled it in with paint
painted a shadow
and did a border.
I’m still debating about distressing it…..
I don’t love the location of it {disappointing}, so that will probably change.
But I like how it turned out.
Till later this week,


  1. I vote distress...and I love the case my opinion matters. :)

  2. My main complaint about the location is that it made me realize that you have a cookbook shelf in your kitchen. I would LOVE a cookbook shelf in my kitchen so I wouldn't have to shove them in a cupboard on a semi-used shelf so that they annoy me every time I need to get something off said semi-used shelf, which apparently I use more often than I should.

  3. So apparently my previous post was selfish and only about me so this one will say that your sign is super cute (not that I'm shocked).

  4. You need to stop showing off. Also, the sign is awesome. I like it above the window but I think it needs to be higher and not resting on the shelves. Can you hang it from the ceiling with small cup hooks, centered above the window. Then you won't have to sew curtains. Although you're a show off so you probably will anyway. : )

    Also, I think I need to make a sign. Right after I finish decorating my four Christmas trees and painting the table I've had in my garage for about four months...


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