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Friday, November 9, 2012

Just Some Good Old Fashioned Painting

I’m finally getting around to some painting projects.

I was a little worn out after painting a lot of my friend’s furniture this fall.

But fall, summer, spring, and winter are always a good time for painting, so I got to it.





I’m not really sure why I didn’t paint this to begin with.

Maybe I was waiting for the perfect color.

Which, I do love this color.

It’s Sherwin-Williams ‘watery’.

It’s always exciting putting on the first brush stroke and realizing it’s perfect.


Jar cubby


For the kitchen wall.

Don’t you worry, I’ll find something awesome for the bottom cubbies.

This was a ghetto 80’s brown shelf that I picked up at a garage sale for $3.

And then I put it on my porch.

For five months.

After I tried to unsuccessfully spray paint it.


I want to make a distressed wooden sign that says either ‘milk’ or ‘mail’.

Sometime this year.

Definitely before summer.

Maybe over Thanksgiving…


Have a good weekend and stay warm.


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  1. way to go! When did you paint the door pink? I kind of like it...


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