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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Midweek Post With a Lot of Pictures

I asked Bryce to take this picture of us.

It was an humbling experience.

But the bigger part of me wants to make sure I have some photos with my kids.

Regardless of my pride.


I set up a station to make Valentine’s.

Obviously, the organization of it lasted 2.3 seconds.


Excited to try it out.


The Family Fun magazine had this cute idea to make felt envelopes to hold Valentine’s and tie them to the backs of the dining room chairs.

I made them and the kids decorated them.




And because I feel it’s necessary to document anything productive I ever manage to accomplish, here’s my spice cupboard.




{I don’t know if I turned on the light or if the sun was shining just a bit brighter upon my tidiness, but there’s certainly a difference in light exposure in the pictures.}


And my vanity forces me to share this.

Bennett loves this mobile I made for him.

Apparently he doesn’t discern between things made from scratch and those that are not….

{Thank goodness.}


And his 4 month picture, two weeks late.

Isn’t his hair awesome?

It sweeps to the side all on its own.


The teachers in our district are on strike so there’s no school around here till next Tuesday.

So, if you’re planning an extended weekend trip and need some extra company, my children are available.  All or part.



  1. Hey Van's out of town till next tuesday! Maybe I see a ridiculously long roadtrip in our very near future......just kidding. Kids are sick. That's my only impediment of course. I think the first picture is darling and I just so happen to be wearing a matching shirt. I'm tempted to take a picture and send it to you. I think it's great to document your accomplishments. Sharing them makes me feel like I should get off the computer and do something. Thanks! :)

  2. Valentine theme is really some ways it was my favorite holiday when my kids were little. I had forgotten that. Bet you have your antique valentines out also...

  3. Love that mobile.
    Good job organizing your spice know mine needs help when Jordan brings home a spice rack from work...claiming he only got it because it was on clearance for $4....mmmhmmm, and you were browsing the spice organizing things why?


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