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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Life in Numbers

2 – the number of lungs Spencer cries at the top of when: his hands are dirty, his pants get wet, his socks are crooked, he’s hungry, when he’s tired.

90 – the number of minutes my massage lasted that Bryce bought me for Valentine’s Day!

4 – the hour at which Bennett wakes up almost every morning and fills his diaper.

3 – the total number of minutes it takes me to walk to Bennett’s room, change his diaper, give him his pacifier and walk back.

1 – the number of husbands completely oblivious to this ritual.

A(lot) – the number of points Bryce had when he beat me at racquetball.

8 – the number of years since the last time I played racquetball.

3 – the number of days I was sore afterwards.

1 – in 5 babies will be fussy.

12 – the number of eggs we get a day.

4 – the number of children that ‘comment’ about dinner.

3 – the number of days in rained last week non-stop.

5 – the number of days the teacher’s have been on strike.

Twice(as many) – the hours my older kids are home during the day.

100(%) – the number of people in the house that think that is a bad idea.

652 – the number of times we’ve listened to the Frozen soundtrack.

651 – the number of times I didn’t want to.

1 – the number of moms around here that get so, so frustrated at bedtime.

4 – the number of children that are ignored after 7:45 pm.

24 – chocolate covered blueberries

3 – cookies

1 – mini Reese’s peanut butter cup

= my sugar intake…..for the day. {see number of days for teacher’s strike and rainy days}

2,986 – number of photos I’m scrolling through to make a ‘free’ 8x8 Shutterfly book for the kids.

2,986 – number of pictures that remind me how blessed I am.

1 – exaggeration about how many photos I’m actually going through.

No idea = actual number.

1 – the number of Bennetts that prefer pear sauce to peas.

1 – the number of containers of maple syrup in my pantry waiting to be made into maple cream….think whipped honey type goodness.

All of you – number who can come over when I make scones to try the maple cream on.  Open invitation.  Unless you’re a crazy, then….no.

Interested in reading about a number from your life.

Hope you’re having a great week wherever you are, whatever the weather,



1 of the 2,986 photos I’ve gone through…


  1. 4. The number of space heaters we have on right now to keep our babies warm during "Winter Storm Rex" when our boiler conveniently stopped working in the middle of the night. Love your posts, Katie!

  2. hahaha! I love Adeline's face in this picture.

    67- number of glass shards I just cleaned up as yet another glass is dropped and broken. Luckily there was not (one) cut foot. yay.
    4- remaining glasses in our house.

  3. Hold up! You didn't want to listen to Frozen that many times? I'm not even being sarcastic right now when I say we have listened to that nonstop since Christmas and I have loved it every single time!! I still belt it out right along with the girls. In fact, I had to reborn the CD for the car, found out after I had that 'Do you want to build a snowman' was no longer on the playlist, scolded my kids for being irresponsible and wasteful by messing up my iTunes playlists and then was humbled 90 seconds later when I realized that I had left a pot of eggs boiling on the stove before we left for piano. So, 5 wasted eggs, 1 good neighbor who ran over and turned them off before the house burnt down, 2 bags of bulbs to thank her with and 652 times I've listened to Frozen.

  4. 2 - The number of people in my house that cannot nap together anymore since there is ALWAYS a child home and I don't get any me-time during this awful strike.
    5- The number of kids who had "silent dinner" last night because there were so many fights and obnoxious comments that dinner wasn't actually being consumed until we laid down the no-talking rule.
    5- The number of kids who got yelled at for not being silent during "silent dinner".
    437 - The number of times I wish I hadn't quit chocolate and sugar and needed to get a fix this week.

  5. 2 - times I tried commenting on this
    5 - how many potatoes I baked tonight
    1 - mouse hole found in the lining of the heating vent under the kitchen table
    138 - minutes since Jordan laid down for a rest before dinner
    4 - number of trash cans I emptied today
    3 - number of times I've bailed out the sink in the kitchen because the pipes are having issues again causing the dishwasher not to drain into the pipes all the way and so it backs up into the sink and if I don't bail it out it just pours back into the dishwasher....

  6. 1- number of me not clever enough in the moment to post witty comments about life


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