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Monday, February 24, 2014

I Made Something….

a shirt!

Or maybe it’s a blouse?

{My grandma would be impressed I know what that word means.

She never held out a lot of hope I would ever turn into a girl. 

Mainly because I said yea, instead of yes, took too big of bites, didn’t wear gloves when I worked outside, didn’t stand up straight and never wanted to go shopping at the mall.}


I made a shirt.  A real one with: six darts, two armholes, a zipper, a button and a collar.

Used my serger and everything.



A real shirt.



And I didn’t cry

or call my mom for help.


Also, my friend made this really, really, really cute quilt for Bennett.

He loves it so much, the first night he used it, he was awake for three hours {11 pm – 2 am}, just so he could admire it.






Hope you’re having a great Monday and you’re not about to ship your 2 year old boy off to the gypsies the first chance you get.

And if you are, maybe Spencer could catch a ride….?

{If he ever leaves time out…}



  1. Blouse.
    Super cute.
    I have yet to dare sewing for myself. It's been about 5 years since I sewed for myself.

    I'll trade my 4 year old for your 2 year old.
    Or maybe the gypsies will come our way...

    That quilt is darling. Love the colors and randomness of pattern placement. Good job Katie's friend!

  2. love! You, miss, are a Rock Star, and Grandma would say your blouse looks sharp. :)

  3. Said blouse looks super chic to me. Here's to a better week than last!

  4. Cute blouse...beautiful quilt...adorable Spencer! Talented and creative, Katie! Have a great week...

  5. 6 darts? Boo. Get a new blouse pattern. That's just obnoxious.

  6. you may not have cried, but how many times did you unpick? To me, that is the real sign of success. It looks amazing, but how could it not on you! Really in love with the quilt. Really.

  7. Love love love it! And look at you rockin green skinny pants! Super stylie lady. I have just entered skinny jean-dom and have yet to get up the courage for colors. Darling quilt too. I can guess that friend! :)


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