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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gettin' My Craft On…And This Turned Into A Really Long Post

Sometimes I forget how much I like to do crafts and my glue gun.

{It’s hard to remember when I’m tired, hungry, making dinner, changing diapers, avoiding cleaning the shower, holding a fussy baby, doing laundry, picking up toys, books, blankets, burp cloths, shoes, etc.}

But I rediscovered it last week when the air was a bit warmer and the sunshine a bit brighter.

Here’s some of the things I did:

Made magnets from an old wood puzzle my kids played with till it died.  Spencer really likes it.


The girls wanted me to decorate their room soon after I did the boys' room.





But it’s not really the same because the girls have ‘special’ papers and ‘special’ rocks and ‘special’ stickers and ‘special’ blankets and before you know it, the room isn’t so ‘special’. 

It’s actually just cluttery. {How is that not a ‘real’ word?}

They requested I paint their walls or their ceiling.

However, that was never going to happen so I made some bunting from some old Disney books.

{Totally the same thing.}

Lady and the Tramp




Lassie and Bambi




Adeline’s home sick today.  Apparently not too sick, I paid her $.50 to get Spencer to finish his cereal….


I had some left over yo-yos from a table runner I had purchased at a garage sale like six or seven years ago.  I sewed them together and draped them in front of the window.


I made some spring wreaths to give away.


And Bryce and I have been working on the great garden expansion project…..


Bennett turned 5 months.

He’s still super fussy.


And the hyacinth bulbs that Bryce bought me for Christmas (which I planted myself) are up and blooming.

These are probably my favorite things in the house right now.


Hope flowers are blooming where you are,



  1. Flowers...blooming? What!? You lucky girl. We barely saw grass last Friday, then had it covered again with 2 inches of snow on Saturday and are now seeing it again today. However, the grocery store has tulips and daffodils in their greenery section and that gives me hope.

  2. You are so ambitious! The kid's rooms turned out great...I'll have to come and see them in person (if I ever get rid of this cough, that is!). When I first read that you had paid Adelaine to get Spencer to finish his cereal, I thought it read $50! I was getting in line to be hired. :)
    Years ago a friend and I had a bunny basket business...I was pretty sure there wasn't a part of my hands that hadn't gotten burned by my glue gun, then zap...I was wrong! However, it didn't keep me from using it. :)

  3. You never cease to amaze me on how to can make something wonderful out of nothing or almost nothing as all. The bunting is darling and never in a million years would I have thought to do that! Never! Your kids rooms are so darling, I've dreamt of three beds lined up in a row like that for years now. Count your blessing you have three girls in a row, just so you can line up three beds in a row. I don't know just something about that.

  4. Oh dear. You have just fueled the fire of my Little Golden Book obsession. I hate reading the Disney ones but I love the pictures. Totally making those buntings. And also yo-yo garlands? Totally copying that too! Now I have a use for the scraps that I can't get rid of but also don't want to quilt!
    Keep blogging! It makes me feel useful in a round about way!
    off to grab my scraps now, I can totally do that while watching tv....which is my favorite thing to do. Dishes and cleaning can wait, right?


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