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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bunny Bunting

It’s Spring Break here.

Which means rain is forecasted for the rest of the week and Spencer has pink eye.

Ah well.


I made this bunny silhouette bunting.

I used some pom-poms for their tails I had made for something else that didn’t work out.

And, apparently, they’re slightly patriotic.


I saw a music sheet bunny garland somewhere and wanted to make one.



And the kids made some Easter egg and bunny cut out crafts.


I put together some book page burlap bunnies.

I used a copy of Winston Churchill’s Their Finest Hour which for some reason I had two copies of. 

Which was a fine idea.

Until I’m putting the bunnies together and had to hide words like: Hitler, Nazis, and so forth.



Hope you’re day is AWESOME,



  1. :) Happy Spring Break! Wish I had the energy to decorate seasonally. Someday soon I'll muster it. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. I always feel a little ashamed that, as a mother, I'm not like you. You do the simplest crafts with your kids that are cute and that create a special memory for them. You are very impressive. The sister missionaries were here for dinner and compliments my house. I had to tell them all that cute stuff was done by you and just wait until they saw your house! They are excited for dinner. :)

  3. Great mom and great mom with a sense of humor (which is vital; some days especially!) Cracked me up about having to hide some of the words :) I may be coming over to pick your brain one day...I have finally found the perfect fabric to make a quiet book for J & K's if I could just stop obsessing about it to the point that it's in my dreams!

  4. Apparently it's been much longer than I thought since I visited your blog. I am shamed, but it was fun to catch up today and giggle frequently to myself. (I'd laugh out loud, but then the kids question my sanity.) I think you should also know that every time I see an El Camino now (surprisingly more than you'd think) I think of you and giggle as I picture you driving it.


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