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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some days I’m Awesome

And other days I’m stubborn and crazy.

Last Friday was one of the latter.

Adeline had a ‘wiggler’ (tooth) for weeks.

And she refused to pull it or allow me to pull it.

Which is difficult anyway because her teeth are so eensy, weensy you can barely grab it.

Seriously, this tooth was the subject of conversation at the dinner table for a good month.

Endless conversation about how wiggly it was, when it would come out, will it hurt, will she get her name on the tooth board at school, will it come out before so-and-so’s at school comes out, when will Meg lose her first tooth, blah, blah, blah, bu-blah.

{You should know, this was not her first loose tooth, carry on….}

So, as usual, my timing was impeccable.

We’d had a great day working in the yard, we bought pizza with a coupon and watched a movie.

And then I decided now was the time. {Obvious choice because everyone’s so happy and feel-goody.}

I told Adeline I was pulling her tooth.

She cried.

I told her I would pay her fifty cents to let me do it.

She cried some more.

I told her I was going to lay her down, sit on her, pin her arms with my knees, pry her mouth open and yank out that silly tooth.

She cried and asked why I was being so mean.

I told her that I did the same thing to my youngest brother and he thanked me.

She bawled and asked why it has to come out.  {Her adult tooth was already in.}

I told her this is ridiculous, it wasn’t even going to hurt.

She was hy-sterical, red faced, and blubbering.

Any sane thinking person would have walked away, worrying about causing childhood trauma.

Nope.  Bryce jumped it.

He grabbed my capped sewing scissors and put Adeline in a bear hug.

Who is inconsolable at this point.

As is Spencer and Meg…Elizabeth and Bennett have left the area to go pace in another room.

So now we’re prying Adeline’s mouth open with these completely harmless scissors,

Spencer’s crying and hitting Bryce convinced that we’re abusing poor Adeline,

Bryce is sitting down with Adeline on his lap and her arms pinned down to her sides

and I’m trying to get my fingers on the darn tooth.

Which at this point is barely hanging on.

I finally grab it {I’m pretty sure it was mostly knocked loose when we were putting the scissors in there}, show Adeline,

who promptly stops crying,

says thanks,

that didn’t even hurt,

gives me a big hug,

giggles about being scared in the first place,

goes and consoles Spencer,

gives Bryce a high-five

and asks for the fifty cents.

Oh my freaking goodness.



  1. hahahahaha. Make a slip knot in dental floss next time and loop it around the tooth, then you don't have to attempt to get a grasp on the itty bitty slippery thing.

    I expected such a fight from maddie, but to my surprise she cut her fight short and let me do it, lol.

  2. the drama. Girls!

  3. Hilarious! Oh, the drama I have missed by having sons! They are proud of blood, guts and even pain (as I remember it anyway...not always reliable).

    I see you as being the author of books one are missing one of your callings if you don't go after this and the world would miss what your friends are treated to. You express yourself so well...

  4. Hilarious. Went through the same hysterics with Kalani and her first tooth. She also complained about how awful it felt for a week after. Girls.

  5. I thought the fun of being a parent was to torture small children? No? Hmmm. Glad it all worked out for the best...I used to be a master puller...but somehow it was harder with the I admire your bravery...

  6. Well... Just wrote a somewhat clever comment only to have it not load... Sorry! Wow... You are hilarious! Glad it all turned out!


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