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Monday, April 27, 2015

I Wish I Had A Baby To Announce

But, I don’t.

Which, is kinda depressing.

But I’m fine with it.


Who likes newborns anyway?

They’re not at all charming

with their squishy faces

and baby smell

and little hiccups

and sad cries

and their tiny, cuddly bodies.

I mean after all, I do have Bennett.

Who cries all the time and needs to be held constantly.

{Totally the same thing.}

And who also has a black eye because he decided to move the ironing board across our uneven hardwood floors.

Which collapsed on him.

I think I saved his life no less than six times that day.

Seriously, how has the male race survived?

So, yeah, totally doing fine over here.

I’m awesome at this patience and waiting game.

I was made to be pregnant forever.


But, I did get another quilt top done.

I made this quilt years ago.

And it was probably one of my favorites, ever.

Quilt Giveaway 006

So, I wanted to use the pattern again.

Bryce’s grandpa used to own a bakery in Utah.

And my mother-in-law was aware enough to save a lot of things from there, some of which I’ve been lucky enough to inherit, like some serious heavy duty cookie cutters and some sugar sacks.

I debated for a long time about how to use the sugar sacks and finally decided to use them in a quilt so the neat graphics would still be visible.

{Guys, can you totally see that enormous fly on the quilt?!}


Because of this size of the sugar sacks, I had to adjust the size of the quilt, which took a.lot.of.fabric.

I decided to cut up this red quilt.

Well, it’s the back to a quilt.  And I really loved the top side, but wasn’t super thrilled by this side.  The red is a little much for me. 

But, it did have lots of salvageable prints that I though worth using.


So, after some sugar sacks, my small stash of reproduction fabrics, a quilt back AND a trip to JOANNs, I finally have a quilt top.


Can I just say, I’m pretty happy with the outcome?


And also, because I’ve been pregnant for exactly 40 weeks, my ambition is low.

I did manage to get a large, free box off of Craigslist for the little kids.

Because it’s totally an adequate substitute for quality parenting….




And Spencer’s response when I wanted to take his picture.


Hope you had a nice weekend and have lots of good things planned for this week, like, if you’re local, dropping off some chocolate chip cookies at my house, baby or not, they would be appropriate under either circumstance.…


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