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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My House in Spring and a Quilt Top

This is Adeline sharing her MP3 music with Bennett.

It’s mainly Beatles and Disney.




And our house.

We’ve had a super mild winter with not nearly enough rain or snow.






And this quilt top.

I received the components for this quilt from my friend which she got from her grandma.

Most of the blocks were mostly assembled.

So I finished those up, sashed it and put on borders.

Which sounds like not a lot of work, but those pieces are pret.ty tiny.

It’s about the size of a lap quilt.

And the fabric is Moda.

So I’ll be saving my pennies to purchase something equally nice to back it with.






Lilacs in blue Mason jars in a galvanized planter, container thingy.


My front door décor.


Thanks for the kind words and comments about the photos from my last post.

Hope your week is going well and that you didn’t plan to take away the pacifier from your 18 month old the exact week he decided to cut four teeth and you were 37 weeks pregnant.

Because that would just be silly.

And rather pathetic.

And just plain sad.


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  1. The quilt looks great! I sent a link to my grandma so she can check out your work but I have no idea if she knows what a blog is or how to scroll... : ) Your yard, as usual, looks the best. I am copying your idea for a branch with birds on it (because Caleb will find me an assortment of sticks to choose from and it's so darn cute).

    For what it's worth there is NO. GOOD. TIME. to take a binky away from a toddler. There just isn't. Maybe be grateful it's something you can take away and not two fingers that he'll still be sucking on when he's almost five?


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