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Monday, June 22, 2015

My Actual Kids, My Actual House, My Actual Stuff…

Photographed with a really nice camera used by a really nice, competent girl.

Thanks Krystal!

liby bell newborn-2liby bell newborn-4liby bell newborn-9 copyliby bell newborn-15liby bell newborn-21liby bell newborn-27

liby bell newborn-38

liby bell newborn-39liby bell newborn-53liby bell newborn-79liby bell newborn-82liby bell newborn-91



  1. These pictures capture the feeling of your home perfectly! Also, your hair is amazing and you look nothing like you just had your sixth baby and everyone is home for the summer. : ) Why are your boys so big?!?! Tell them to stop it. Babies are the best.

  2. kids...and your stuff!


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