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Monday, June 1, 2015

Some Days,

I can’t get my junk together.

And it totally feels like I have six kids.

On days like that,

Adeline wants to make pancakes for breakfast, from scratch,
it’s crazy hair day and the talent show – which of course all three girls are participating in
and I receive two phone calls from Elizabeth at school listing six different things she has forgotten at home and could I please drop them off?

as soon as Libby goes down for a nap, Bennett wakes up,

Spencer’s volume control is especially lacking,

Meg’s bus is ten minutes late

and I’m fifteen minutes late for the doctor’s appointment because of course Bennett has pink eye.

Other days, I’m rocking my life and can get six loads of laundry done, dinner made and a nap in for myself.

Which totally happened one day last week.

And we celebrated National Hamburger Day with grilled patties and homemade onion rings.

I realize the chances of getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time have decreased exponentially with each addition to the family.

As is evidence in these pictures where has everyone looking at me.

{Lest you think we forgot about Libby, she’s on the grass next to Bryce, but fortunately, I may have managed to take enough pictures to document her early days in the family.}

By the end of the pictures I was like: for the love of all that is holy just look at me!  And then said some swear words inside my head.

These pictures are best appreciated if scrolled through quickly, like a homemade flip book...

The irony of this picture is Spencer is yelling at Elizabeth to look at the camera…


And Libby on her blessing day.

She’s one of my earliest ‘smilers’, tender mercy.

And a Bennett in a bucket.

Happy June!


P.S. My friend came over to take pictures of Libby.

She’s working on editing the other ones and I’m excited to see how they came out.

I’m taking some credit because the subject and props are all mine…that’s 90% of the work anyway, right?


  1. I'm glad you've finally hit your limit because you were making my head spin with everything you were able to accomplish when you just had four kids and I say that in the kindest, possible way. You are amazing and maybe when things settle and you find your groove with six, your ability to run circles around the rest of us normal people will return until you decide to grace the world with another baby bell. And you should, because you seriously make dang cute babies! Are you coming to the reunion?

    1. Thanks for all of the compliments. It took me all day to post this. And I even had the pictures already uploaded and edited. Oh well, enjoying the moments. Yes, we're coming to the reunion, I'm excited by how many will be attending and that it's a bit 'local' for us. I hope you're coming too!


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