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Thursday, July 30, 2015

To Giveaway

I’m minimizing.

I’ve gone through drawers, closets, cabinets and the basement.

And I held a garage sale.

And took the rest that didn’t sell to Goodwill.

And I got rid of a ton of stuff.

If I didn’t love it, it was gone.

And felt pretty good about myself.

And then a Saturday hit and we were traveling up to Eugene for a week of family reunion-ing and and then on to Washington for some more family time and camping.

Our car was appropriately packed.

We even borrowed a shell for the top of the car.

Six kids.

Eight bags.

A pack and play.

Sleeping bags.



Even a table booster seat, for Pete’s sake.

And wouldn’t you know there were a couple of estate sales on our 2 1/2 hour trip up the freeway?

And I couldn’t ‘not’ stop, you know?

So, being a minimalist was fun while it lasted…..

{Approximately 13 days.}

Which brings me to this post.

I have a couple of things to give away.

I don’t know if anyone’s even going to be interested, but I’m happy to pass them along if people are.

If you are, leave a comment letting me know your favorite Christmas song and what you’re interested in, if only one person is interested, lucky you(!), if more than one, I’ll pick one randomly.

#1 – Christmas reindeer felt table runner.

I will make sure whatever that white fuzzy stuff is removed before leaving my possession.


#2 – Christmas Santa Claus black felt piano/bookshelf/something or other scarf.


#3 Antique scrap quilt with hand embroidery.

Tattered in some areas.

Lap size.




And since you’re all dying to know, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas as performed by Sesame Street in the ‘80s is my favorite Christmas song.


  1. I love "keep Christmas with you" from the Sesame Street Christmas movie. My mom even has a friend watch the movie over and over to write the music so now we have the piano music to play!!

    1. And I'm a huge fan of the table runner.

  2. My favourite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy... I loved it as a child and still do!
    Your deer table runner is a beauty, it would be perfect in my home😉


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