The Happyish Homestead

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Vintage Quilt for a New Baby

It’s Spring Break.

Bryce bought me a package of Double Stuf Oreos earlier this week.

It has helped a lot.

This year for Spring Break, I let each of the kids have a ‘day’.

They get to pick the breakfast, an outing that doesn’t cost money, and the shows they watch.

We’ve been to the library, the two pet stores – one of which has free popcorn {I may or may not know how to work the system}, and perused Toys R Us. 

We also used all of our free personal pan pizza coupons and had pizza for lunch two days in a row. 

Today, the kids each got to have a friend over to play and have a special lunch, which includes, wait for it…..root beer and chips.

Don’t you wish I was your mom?

And tomorrow we’re headed to the coast for the day.


I’ve managed to fit in a bit of sewing over the past couple of weeks.

{My current, temporary condition limits my desire capacity to do anything that doesn’t involve sitting or a glass of ice water.}

My friend passed along some vintage, hand sewn blocks.

So, with most of the work all ready done, I managed to assemble, hand quilt, and bind this little quilt for the new baby.




And this is Bennett.

Who spends most of his days following me around and mostly wet from playing outside.


And in this picture, destroying one of my tulips.

Happy Spring Break!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Big And Beautiful

In Eugene, there is this salvage place called Bring.

And Bryce and I go every chance we can while we’re up visiting family.

{Thanks to my in-laws for watching the kids so we can go.}

Where inevitably I purchase something that we don’t need

and that I can’t fit in the car on the way home

and my very generous father-in-law brings down when he’s headed our direction.

Like these drawers.

But guys, they’re green and grey.

And metal.

And enormous.

And they slide in and out like butter.


And they make me happy every time I see them sitting in the sunroom.

Where they are currently.

Because I have no idea where I’m going to put it.

If our laundry room was bigger I could use it to sort dirty laundry.

And if our kitchen was bigger I could put dishes in there.

And if we had quadruplets I could make some bedding and put the babies in there to sleep.

Bryce thought we should put them in the basement for storage, but I’m not quite prepared to banish them to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.


So, for now, I’m going to have Bryce move them outside so I can give them a good scrubbing and get off that stuff that looks a  lot like dried blood….which I’m really hoping is not.


Hope you had a good week.

And that your three your old napped more than once.

And that your five year old didn’t ask you to bend over at 9 months pregnant to pick something up because she just couldn’t with a cramp and all.  {I refused, just so you know.}

And that your 18 month old that manages to cry about everything napped more than one hour a day and spared you the necessity of putting all portable stools away to keep him and yourself and your house and your microwave safe.

And that your seven and nine year olds didn’t bicker about playing the piano and not playing the piano, and looking at the back of the cereal box, and who lost the brush, and whose turn it was to pick the show, and what animal everyone got to be in this really confusing game they play on the trampoline.

I don’t want to sound ‘poor me’, but it’s been a really.long.week.

Here’s to a better weekend,


Monday, March 9, 2015

My Son is the One….


That pulled the fire alarm.

At the YMCA.

Thursday morning.

At, like, 9 am.

Right during the senior citizen swim.

Oh, and also, the baby and parent swim.

In March.

Where all of the members were forced outside.

Even the ones in bathing suits, dripping wet.

And didn’t even have time to grab a towel.

For a fire drill when there was no fire.


my son pulled the fire alarm.

And if you didn’t happen to be at the YMCA that day,

there’s a good chance you might have heard it anyway.

Because the alarm?

It’s like an-escaped-con loud.

{Hopefully the senior citizens didn’t have their hearing aids on.}

Don’t you worry.

Even though we had a similar experience at Costco just a couple of months ago,

I was still completely and utterly mortified.

But I still love him.

Because I’m his mom.

And he does nice things like ‘smash that bad bug to pieces’.

And does a pretty good job of keeping his sisters in line.

But I’m not gonna lie, if he never sets off an alarm again, that would be awesome.

Happy Monday,