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Monday, November 28, 2016

Half Full or Half Empty

It’s an age old question.

So….for this project it’s either a super inexpensive undertaking….just a couple pieces of plywood….

or a rather expensive wall treatment….using the old window taken out during our bathroom remodel…expensive.

Naturally, I’m a half full type of person.

So this thing was Cha-eap.

This beast took me forever and I about chucked it out more than once…

when my arms were sore from Dremeling

and I was experiencing break-in feelings from breaking glass

and it looked terrible

and the wood glue wasn’t sticking

and there was yet another trip to Home Depot.

But, here we are.

And I’m glad I stuck with it.



And now.

I moved the antiques sign over to the living room above the couch.

This is what you see when you walk through the front door.

For this select five minutes.

Obviously my house never looks this clean.

You’re welcome.








I’m going to put the days of the week above each column and then chalkboard a place to write in the month.


The ladder will eventually hold family pictures.

Oh, and be attached to the wall

so that when Spencer is throwing a fit

about not wanting to eat his black beans at dinner

and kicks back

and knocks it over

it won’t hit Elizabeth on the head.

Way less drama in that ladder’s future.














Well, I’m sure the rest of you are being way more responsible and doing things like decorating for Christmas.

Instead of, like us, rearranging every single bedroom in the house.

Which means, when you take a break from your normalcy, you can hop on the ol’ blog and read a post about a bedroom update, coming in the next week.

You know, now that we have a working computer again.

Feel free to leave a comment sharing how much you missed me, and how a 7’ x 6’ calendar is a completely reasonable dining room accent.



  1. Love your ur c!endar, Man that's a big window! Very jealous! We just completed a major bedroom swap at our house, you are not alone. And you too one day will see a very exciting bedroom reveal on my blog as soon as I catch my family blog up from August, blaagh, where does time go?

  2. I wish I could have your brain for a day! That is an amazing calendar!

  3. That looks awesome...good job!

  4. This turned out just as amazing as we thought it would when we stood in your yard and looked at Pinterest! Absolutely worth multiple trips to Home Depot. : )

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  6. I told Jason I need you to live close to me and he said "Why? So we can have junk all over our house that she can make look nice for you?" Yep (also because I miss you).

  7. The window calendar is amazing and so are you!


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