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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Great Bedroom Swap of 2016

I grew up ALWAYS sharing a room.

I’ve never not shared a room.

My twin sister and I shared a room and invented a game using Disney trivia, played Aggravation every night before we went to bed and generally fought endlessly about what a filthy, filthy roommate she was.

{She’s grown into a lovely individual and become very self aware so it’s ok if I say stuff like that.}

But, we made a lot of memories. 

So I was never opposed to three girls in a room.

But what are memories for kids are nightmares for the parents.

The constant fighting and gymnastics {Meg} and reading too late and fairy games played far into the night.

{One friend came to babysit and after she put the girls to bed she said it sounded like elephants roller skating up there.}

{Not something you want on your resume as a parent..}

It was becoming a bit too much, and I was losing my mind.

So we converted our storage room {originally a not-connected-to-the-house-pump house} to a bedroom. Giving us another room allowing us two kids to a room.

And giving Bryce and I the biggest bedroom.


Not really a true before. We even had my crib from when I was a baby in here for Libby so that she and Bennett could nap at the same time but not in the same room.

I’m a complicated individual.








And now.

The thing I’m struggling with the most is everything is brown, brown, brown. Brown dressers on brown walls.

But, it’s enormous with a sitting area to boot.











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  1. It looks great....I was the only girl in my family so I always had my own room. When I was a kid I loved lavender so that's what color my room was painted. Where does Libby sleep now? Oh, one more question...guess I didn't know you were a twin. Are you and your sister identical? Did you ever wish for twins?


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