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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was going to...

do this really great post about all the things that I love about summer, complete with pictures, etc. However, my camera battery failed and now I have to charge it, and I have no idea how long that will take, and my girls are playing Barbies and there's no telling how long the good will will last so I thought I had better just hurry and post for the day, and while I'm at it, look into seeing if there's something telling about a person who continues to use run-on sentences and if I should see someone about it.

For a couple of weeks I've been accumulating words. You know the words that you have to type before you can leave a message on another person's blog to make sure your computer isn't encrypted or something like that. Except, they're not actually words, obviously. So here's a post using said words:

While driving home from Costco a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling a little docaless. All of the pavercin I had been taking wasn't helping. This is all besides the chamene, obviously. I was almost home when a remblec-of-a-cop flashed me over.
What?! I was only going four over the speed limit. I was feeling grarse, and let's be honest, a little nocatem.

Anyway, we had a little talk. He looked to be a little doloofi, don't tell him I said that. It so happens that my stickers on my plates were three months over due. Opalty, I tried not to blame Bryce. He took my information with him to his car and I was just chalizin, waiting for him to come back. As was his syciv duty, he let me off the hook....after I claimed innocence, and assured him it would be taken care of proace.

Needless, to the say, this small little corkyp made me more aware of taking care of things in a pache manner.




  1. That was hilarious! How many blogs do you leave comments on? Very creative, as usual! I would like to know what Emily thinks of your sentence structure.

  2. I am so happy you have done this and feel that you have read my mind. Everytime I leave a comment on your blog I want to comment again and let you know what funny word I had to type in order to get my comment posted...they are hilarious.

    SIDE NOTE: a sentence is not a run-on as long as it is punctuated correctly. :)

  3. Too funny! I also ponder what I could write about those random non words that come up when I make comments... Now I don't have to worry because you've done it for me!!!

  4. NUMBL is my random nonword from my prevous post... Just thought I'd give you more fuel.

  5. STELLAR! You must be a genius. That was hilarious! Seriously! Oh, and next week, you and me and kids and a pool. Sound good?


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