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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Don't you just love Grease? It's such a cult classic. Most quotable line: A hickey from Kinicky is like a Hallmark card. How can you go wrong?

Anywho, here are some things that I'm lovin' about summer. In no particular order, mainly because I'm too lazy to put the pictures in no particular order.

The sand box
The garden, not the weed part though.
The heat, finally, it's hot this year.
I know, the picture is sideways, complain to blogger. Anyway, the other day we had a tub full of water that had been sitting out in the sun all day, so I convinced all the girls it would be fun to take a bath outside.
I know they're slightly inappropriate, OK, highly inappropriate, but I just love a good bum picture.
The grill
Estate/garage sales. I bought this for $5. It's pretty complete, made in Germany, on purpose, and I'm assuming it's at least 60 years old. Fortunately, it's the perfect Barbie size.
Fresh flowers. I had a picture somewhere but it got lost out in cyber land. Along with a picture of flip flops. I'm sure you're all devastated.
FYI, I will be gone the rest of this week up to girl's camp. Why, you ask. Because I'm a sucker and not pregnant so I'm an obvious candidate. I expect to come home sleep deprived and dirty, and hoping that my girls never grow up to be teenagers. Wish me luck.


  1. A bum picture is always appropriate...unless it is an unattractive bum, i.e. a grown-up bum. :)

    Happy camping!

  2. The reasons for loving summer change when your kids are older-actually, the reasons for hating your summer also change. Loving=No homework to check. Hating=Spending most of it in the car driving kids to pools, friends houses and the mall.

    BTW, your "About Me" comment in your profile regarding the woman from Glee was my laugh of the day. That is so funny.

    Have fun with the girls at camp!

  3. That play set from Germany is probably worth big bucks. I grew up over there and own a lot of dollhouse furniture and toys from the 70's and 80's. I was so shocked to see my exact table and chair set going for $75 in an antique store. Great find!

  4. Miss Mustard Seed is right-I bet it' worth a pretty penny!! LUCKY find! Plus it's way cute! I'd have loved to play with it!!


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