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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Missing Sleep


I'm drowning over here in a sea of sickness and unfinished/half-finished projects.

To cope, I read two books last week.

Don't judge.

I am guest blogging today over at my sister-in-law's blog, Get Your Crap Together:

She's really talented and has a lot of good ideas.

I hope it's not raining over where you are because that would be depressing, much like it is over here.

In other news, I finished Spencer's new changing table and will have pictures to post on Friday.

Talk at you then,



  1. Rain and rain and more feels like I'm teaching night school. In other's actually Friday! (sort of) :) Hooray for professional development!

  2. Thanks for the phone message!!! It made my day. I wish I was as good at pep talks - sounds like you need one too. So, here's my best: Hang it there! It can't rain forever, and, if it does, at least you have an awesome fireplace to use. Right? Makes everything cozy? Or at least it's cute! :)

  3. So you're funny when your a guest blogger too. No jitters. I also try ignoring my kids when I'm working. (Remember, I'm not crafty.) It never works so well for me either, though every now and again they'll forget I have an office way at the end of the basement and they'll wander the house searching for me and I'll just keep working.

    Hope you're all better soon. No rain here if it makes you feel better. I'm hoping the cold holds off because we had another pumpkin suddenly decide to start growing this week.


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