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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sometimes I like to define my day according to a great blog title.

Here are some options for today:

  • Pee-U, or Meg, or Adeline, all over the sheets, three nights in a row now

  • It's Freezing

  • Chickens are Free-Loaders

  • I Need Another Vacation

  • Sometimes Homemade Bread is the same as a Brick

  • I'll Never Take These People to Another Grocery Store

  • I Swear, I Did Not Deserve That Parking Ticket

  • No Self Serve Gas is a Waste of My Time

  • Living In A State Where Hitch Hiking is Legal Is Kind of Scary

  • I Could Not Afford Ikea Being Two Blocks Away From My Permanent Residence

  • Homemade Blueberry Pie for Tonight

  • I Never Knew How Much My Kitchen Needed a Vintage Butter Churn Until My Mother-in-Law Gave Me One

  • No One Has Used the Little Rocking Chair Since I Re-upholstered It...Not Taking It Personally

  • An Air Mattress Is An Air Mattress, Even At A Good Friend's House

  • Am Avoiding Doing a Real Blog Post

  • Am Avoiding Responsibility

  • Am Avoiding Juicing My Grapes

  • Am Currently Taking Thoughts for Future Blog Posts




  1. I want a picture post of the kids...with or without a rocking chair would be fine. :)

  2. I made my best loaf of homemade bread ever today. Just saying. :-)

  3. Should have blogged about making and canning grape juice. Someday I hope to grow grapes and can my own juice.


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