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Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Case You Felt Neglected…

I’ll tell you what’s what this week.

Bryce started on the new pantry and my kitchen is a complete disaster.


Starting to feel claustrophobic with all working surfaces covered in food.

But I’m so, so excited for a new pantry.

And I don’t have before pictures because Bryce started the project when I was out and I neglected to convey the importance of that necessary act when working on something of this magnitude.

I’m using every other room not covered in food to lay out the interior components to paint.

It’s a mess.

And I can’t do it outside because it’s freezing, and foggy, and cold, and yucky.

And I can’t do it in the basement, which is still a mess from the slight flooding last month.

And after reading that last sentence I realize what a whiny wimp sounds like.

I’m trying to get three quilts bound as well.

So if you notice my large biceps from hefting those things through the sewing machine, don’t hesitate to compliment.

And we’re getting a ton of eggs.

Please leave recipes requiring at least three eggs in the comments.

Or stop by and I’ll give you some. 

And by some,

I mean a dozen.

And three chickens laying at once is on the loud side of obnoxious.

And my pot of spaghetti sauce that’s simmering on the stove over flowed,

Adeline dumped a can of mushrooms on the kitchen floor,

and Elizabeth spilt juice all over during breakfast.

And I’m pretty sure my children thought that I was trying to kill them yesterday after I made them take a walk outside (for the 45 min. the sun was out) to get out of the house.


Epic fail.

Hope this finds you well,



  1. Google: quiche or fritatta (spell check thinks I'm trying to spell irritation). Make french toast with Bryce's homemade bread. Read Julie and Julia again and try to make an Aspic...

  2. Chocolate Orange Mousse (Courtesy of Joe's Mom)

    1 teaspoon grated orange rind
    1/4 C. brown sugar
    2 egg yolks
    2 eggs
    6 oz. baking chocolate (semi-sweet), melted and cooled
    1 tablespoon orange juice
    1 cup whipping cream, whipped
    Additional whipped cream for garnish, if desired. Mandarin oranges for garnish, if desired as well.

    Combine orange rind, sugar, egg yolks, and eggs in blender. Process until frothy. Add melted chocolate and orange juice and process well. Fold in whipped cream until smooth. Chill until set. Can be chilled in individual serving dishes, if desired.

    I love mousse! However, you have to be ok with eating raw eggs.

    Also, you could dabble in souffles. Bread pudding is a good option. Breakfast casseroles.

  3. Pumpkin Muffins - they use eight eggs! Its a huge recipe, and probably not that healthy considering the 6 cups of sugar. But, we love it. I think I've shared this one before in the Closner Cookbook a few year back, but its a staple at our house, I freeze the left overs and pull it out for a quick treat.

    Mix dry ingredients
    6 C Sugar
    7 C Flour
    4 t Baking Soda
    2 ½ t cinnamon
    3 t salt

    Next stir in
    2 C Oil
    8 Beaten Eggs
    1 1/3 C Water
    29 oz Can of Pumpkin

    Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Bake muffins 350° for 20 minutes-Bake mini-loaves for 40 minutes-Bake full-sized loaves for 1 hour

  4. German Pancakes....I don't know the recipe, I just always google it and look around until I find one that requires at least three times as many eggs as it does flour, and a whole stick of butter is a must. :)

  5. I am so looking forward to seeing pictures of the pantry. And maybe you should take some pictures of mushrooms, juice and spaghetti sauce, or I won't believe those kind of messes happen at your house. Wait a second, I've been there.

  6. Well a regular recipe of meatloaf takes an egg so just make a REALLY, REALLY big batch of meatloaf and use 3 eggs.

    Yes. I'll put myself in time out for making you gag.

    You can just make any kind of cake you want. Pretty sure almost all of those take 3 eggs.


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